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Need a yii php specialist


- Knowledge of PhP

2 years of experience

- Show 3 successful cases on yii



On the design work

About the company

Kiryton is a young digital company with a fresh perspective on ideas. Ideas that take business to the next level and profit.

Our values:

The team - close-knit teamwork - half of the success of the project.

Partnerships. For us, you are not a customer or a customer. We are partners. We, like you, care about the fate of your business.

Transparency. Were always honest. We do not offer what is not necessary and conscientiously do what is necessary. You are always with us in the process and see everything with your own eyes.

Focus on the result. A well-executed project is a matter of principle.

Flexibility. In our work, we use creativity and go beyond patterns. Everything doesnt always work smoothly - its normal, and we can quickly find other solutions.

21.10.2020 12:21

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