Need to finish on Vue 3You need to finish on Vue 3 several components working with the API.The project itself is ready, it just needs to be finished.I will describ... >>>
25.05.2022 21:03
(Cryptocurrency) Copywriting for cryptocurrency forumIt is necessary to comment on posts on the forum of cryptocurrency topics.You need to communicate with other users on the forum on various t... >>>
25.05.2022 21:01
Improvement of JoomlaYou need a qualified programmer who can at least create components himself, edit the pages of the admin panel, etc. Payment is negotiable, a... >>>
25.05.2022 20:24
Development of native mobile applications for iOSDevelopment of native mobile applications for iOS and support of existingInteraction with the team, participation in decision-making on the ... >>>
25.05.2022 20:23
Parse the catalog of goods and import into bitrixThere is a catalog of goods, 217 products, it needs to be parsed and imported into bitcree.... >>>
25.05.2022 20:23
Refine your WordPress siteGood afternoon!Our siteAt the moment, we need to make some changes in its visual component.I have collected all the edits in 1 document. Ple... >>>
25.05.2022 20:22
Copy and refine the site from an open repositoryIt is required to launch and refine the site to view Twitter without registration. (note Open source is available on Github: g... >>>
25.05.2022 13:48
SEO-audit of the sitewebsite: site has only 3 subdomains: >>>
25.05.2022 13:37
Transfer the catalog of products from the site to BitrixIt is necessary to transfer the catalog of 217 products to Bitrix.... >>>
25.05.2022 13:36
Creation and implementation of e-mail newsletterCreation and implementation of e-mail newsletters to existing databases. Provided by us. It is possible to send to other databases. Theme – ... >>>
25.05.2022 07:17
Migrate a site to WordPressThe second part of the task. connect WordPress to stripe and send facebook pixel event purchase... >>>
25.05.2022 07:14
Refine PHP mobile app, LaravelFinalization of the application of sports orientation, preparation for the release of the application in the release.Experience with Laravel... >>>
25.05.2022 07:12
Programming on CMS BitrixI ask you to respond only with real development experience, Bitrix at the level of the framework. Understanding OOP and applying in practice... >>>
25.05.2022 07:06
WordPress Plugin for Booking SystemYou need to write a Wordpress Plugin for the booking system. The system should include: - Services (with the calculation of the preliminary ... >>>
24.05.2022 22:39
Development of the site of crypto exchanger with 0You need a programmer to write a crypto exchange with 0 and further maintenance on a permanent basis. The payment is decent! Experience is a... >>>
24.05.2022 21:32
Finalization of the iOS application v1.1 (SwiftUI)The application is written using SwiftUI (Swift, MVVM, Xcode). Brief tasks: - Task 1. Block "Links" when adding and editing a dossier, as ... >>>
24.05.2022 21:23
Parser for is necessary to write a parser for is necessary to save the following fields Name of the supplier, Contacts, Wh... >>>
24.05.2022 21:07
Parser for is necessary to write a parser for is necessary to save the following fields Name of the supplier, Contacts, Wh... >>>
24.05.2022 21:05
Develop a program for searching for certain words in the photo and in the textIt is necessary to write a program that would perform the following functionality:There is a directory in which files are written all the ti... >>>
24.05.2022 21:05
The program to write data to google.spreadsheet based on excel or csv fileGood afternoon. There is a csv file (but you can also have excel with separate columns for each parameter). You need: Write a script that a... >>>
24.05.2022 21:00