Opencart: Authorization/registration by SMSThere is a blank store on the ocStore template Revolution.It is required to develop and implement registration and authorization of customer... >>>
28.07.2021 16:24
Update and refine the online store in PHP, MySQLThere is a working online store with an admin, written in PHP 5,6.What to do:- update to the latest version of PHP,- to improve a number of ... >>>
28.07.2021 14:55
Sparsize data from the siteIt is necessary to paste data from about 20-30 thousand pages of the site, I will provide everything necessary for work... >>>
28.07.2021 14:13
Domain mail does not receive lettersYou need to understand what is the reason, what broke.Site on 1c Bitrix. On the Aspro template.... >>>
28.07.2021 09:02
Domain mail does not receive lettersYou need to understand what is the reason, what broke.Site on 1c Bitrix. On the Aspro template.... >>>
28.07.2021 09:01
Webasyst Programmer (ShopScript)It is necessary to perform tasks of a different nature according to a pre-drawn up TK Learn more in person We need a really strong proger, w... >>>
27.07.2021 14:44
Laravel / Site SupportThere is a website on Laravel: backpack mailgun data synchronization with Google Sheets. Front: Nuxt I am looking for an artist familiar wit... >>>
27.07.2021 14:43
programmer.Created by Payment User cabinet within the site support Authorization on the site through the verification code in SMS or telegrams The budg... >>>
25.07.2021 19:22
PHP programmer with knowledge of YII2 and jsThe lead generation team in the field of mortgage lending requires a fullstack developer to implement the companys internal projects. Expect... >>>
25.07.2021 13:07
Add functions to payment on the siteApi documentation >>>
25.07.2021 13:06
You need to unload event data from AmoCRM to LaravelIt is necessary to connect the unloading of data from amocrm to the database, the method itself has already been implemented, but for some r... >>>
25.07.2021 10:25
Add additional functions to the site and fix errors (backend)Hello!About site: Development language: PHP PHP framework: Yii JavaScript: Yes CSS: Yes Database: Yes Database Type: MySQL Site http://autor... >>>
24.07.2021 20:52
Send order information via apiIt is necessary to send data from the getcourse to Google Analytics, as it is done.The instruction here >>>
24.07.2021 20:50
It is necessary to increase the life of the basket on opencartYou must extend the recycle bin lifetime for unlogned users. Store on opencart >>>
24.07.2021 12:52
Set up Sberbank acquiring on the Bitrix websiteDoes not throw on the payment page, the previous developer with his crooked hands did something, at first it worked, now it stopped. Site pa... >>>
24.07.2021 12:51
Refine pochta api order creationThere is a working crm system written in yii2 Two tasks: 1. Finalize the creation of an order for russian mail by api (add ecom category for... >>>
24.07.2021 12:51
Write an api to a simple site (yii2)there is a very simple admin on yii2it is required to write to it api and data exchange, so that in the future sites that will be synchroniz... >>>
24.07.2021 09:32
Loading products into Yandex.Market.Download products from the site to Yandex.Market. That there was an issue in the recommendations.... >>>
24.07.2021 09:30
WooCommerce integration with Facebook/Instagram ShopGood afternoon! We have a working website that uses WooCommerce to work with the warehouse. Some time ago, we integrated ou... >>>
23.07.2021 15:01
Finalization of the project on yii2 for trading on the stock marketThere is a project on yii2 for trading on the stock market, it will be necessary to delve into it and jointly continue to developThere is a ... >>>
23.07.2021 15:00