Creating the companys websiteIt is necessary to make a website for a company that is engaged in the introduction of plant protection products with the help of drones. Yo... >>>
17.04.2021 16:45
The Check-in button on the Ocstore website doesnt workSite on ocStore No changes were made, but recently stopped working button "Order" in the basket. We need to fix it.... >>>
17.04.2021 16:14
Increase the download speed of the siteYou need to improve the download speed of the site. >>>
17.04.2021 16:13
Solve the problem with caching in bitrixAfter changes on the site, not all users update pages, the browser caches old, does not display pictures, css, etc. See example in the video... >>>
17.04.2021 10:39
Integrate the API delivery service for the site on 1C-BitrixYou need to integrate a delivery service to calculate the cost based on the postcode. Site on 1C-Bitrix. Ill give the full TK to those who h... >>>
17.04.2021 10:38
Refining the backend on laravelWe need a backend developer with a solid experience with Laravel, api development. The project is in the active stage of development, you ne... >>>
17.04.2021 10:37
Parsing goods and attributs from the site in csvYou want to pair all the goods from the site vorota - group . ru In a Google table or an excel with columns in a certain order, Ill provide ... >>>
16.04.2021 19:06
Copyright texts on the siteNewly created site.Texts already exist, but copied 1 in 1 from competitors,On the site you need to change the texts.Edit, find analogues to ... >>>
16.04.2021 14:28
We need to make edits on OpenCartGood afternoon.You need to make edits on the site on OpenCart 2. Small things (hopefully fast- performance).The tasks on the link are https:... >>>
16.04.2021 14:14
Wordpress editsTheres a list of editsWrite your telegrams, price per hour and experiencePayment on the fact or in stages... >>>
16.04.2021 12:42
Edits on the opencard site1. Make a feed of these products you need for product advertising in Google2. Move the category text down after the goods. Now its standard ... >>>
16.04.2021 12:34
Pictures for the siteHello world. You need to make pictures for the site on Jumla, that they would correspond to the format described below.All pictures framed i... >>>
16.04.2021 12:33
refinement of the adminka on Yii2There is a web system on Yii2 (only admin and API for applications, without frontend) - you need to change edited fields in the admin for se... >>>
16.04.2021 12:28
WoocommerceYou need to add a few to the features in the stores ready-made template on Woocommerce 1. Change menu styles. 1. to make the order of menu i... >>>
16.04.2021 09:44
Programming on UMI. CMSThere is a project with ready infrastructure and mechanics for which you need to make a module schedule and registration of participants in ... >>>
16.04.2021 09:44
Need a content manager for an online storeRequirements for online shopping: have an idea of the work of CS cart (preferably) experience with photoshop and other programs to work with... >>>
16.04.2021 09:44
The project needs a developer Laravel/Vue, an hourly rateBet 1000rub/hour Project - marketplace with profiles, payments, notifications, etc. Employment is still about 4 hours a day, in the future -... >>>
16.04.2021 09:43
Work out scripts and APIs for the Laravel project127k total project budget. You want to implement one of the scripts or all: 1. Sharing data between your sites on Laravel by Kron (budget 15... >>>
16.04.2021 09:43
Transfer and refinement of the payment page on BeatrixThere is a working page of payment with the integration of 2 services on the old site, it is on Bitrix. And there is a new site in the new d... >>>
15.04.2021 20:52
Refinement of the site on BitrixThere are several non-complex tasks to refine the store on Aspro.... >>>
15.04.2021 20:04