Finalization of sites on ready-made solutions BitrixGood evening! There are three purchased ready-made solutions Maximum and Construction from Aspro and Chameleon from Concept. task number one... >>>
28.10.2021 12:16
Site Support on Bitrix Site ManagementSupport of the online store is required Work on tasks in our CRM Hourly payment for closed tasks Work remotely, free schedule... >>>
28.10.2021 12:15
I am looking for a specialist in web3 development, a task for a good specialist. The budget is unlimited. Details in hpFrontran... >>>
28.10.2021 12:15
Maintenance and revision of the site on OpenCartWe are looking for a company (private specialist) working with the OpenCart system. The subject of the site is climatic equipment. For an ex... >>>
28.10.2021 12:15
Improvements on the Opencart 3 Website Leave comments in new code sections. We take into account adaptability. We take into account multilingualism. 1. Make... >>>
28.10.2021 12:15
Bitrix DeveloperRequires a Bitrix developer for sites, experience from 1 year, a large flow of constant tasks, write to the ls.... >>>
28.10.2021 12:08
Restore sending messagesI am looking for a programmer with extensive experience in creating websites from scratch. You need to understand someone elses code and fi... >>>
28.10.2021 12:08
Back-End developer. OpenCart. Temporary-permanent work.First of all, you need your time and attention to the project. Work for at least 5 hours a day for 2-4 months Employee needed URGENTLY Site... >>>
28.10.2021 12:02
Fix errors in the work of the site on Drupal 71. On the website of the you need to correct the work of the payment modules, the problem is that after installing the acqui... >>>
28.10.2021 08:26
Help with the siteThe task Websitesite on diafan system, connected to the payment system - nomenculature is not sent to the c... >>>
27.10.2021 09:47
Set up an advertising campaign in Direct and EditsYou need to set up advertising in Yandex and Google for the delivery of drinks on Moscow. About 150 articles. Send a budget for the work goi... >>>
25.10.2021 20:15
Correct laravel rating calculation - VueIt is necessary to fix the calculation of the rating on a 5-point scale on the cards of objects. I will send a detailed description to suita... >>>
25.10.2021 14:55
Payment connection module for WordPressWe need a specialist with experience in creating applications, plugins for WordPress. It is necessary to make integration between WordPress ... >>>
25.10.2021 09:14
Implement tasks on LaravelThere is a project written in Laravel, you need a full immersion in it, studying the code and making edits / improvements on it. Tasks will ... >>>
25.10.2021 08:15
Create a form of payment through SberbankCreate a form of payment through Sberbank. Documentation from Sberbank: impleme... >>>
25.10.2021 08:15
Website promotion in search (Me, Google)Hello. Unfortunately, I dont understand much about seo optimization, browsing the internet, and searching. The task, probably, sounds quite... >>>
23.10.2021 20:48
Import of goods to Bitrix Site Management MBThere is a bare aspro template (without trading catalog settings) There are about 15000 thousand products in ~180 categories (6 levels of ne... >>>
23.10.2021 20:48
PHP - website billingI am looking for a middle PHP developer for the project, studios and signors - do not disturb.We have a Saas service site that sells several... >>>
23.10.2021 20:46
Support and revision of the site on JoomlaWe are looking for a programmer to maintain the operability and develop new functionality / services of the site on Joomla. Bulk loading of ... >>>
23.10.2021 20:46
Development of the frontend of the site ezil.meWe are a team of - the leading mining pool (we are among the 10 best mining pools). At the moment, we are looking for a freelance fr... >>>
22.10.2021 20:59