Modify the scriptTaskModify the scriptThe script receives data from the API (from and sites) Runs on a schedule (using the CronTab sche... >>>
25.01.2023 21:19
Optimization of database operation in CMS OkayCMS 4.3.1In the process of adding goods, difficulties appeared, in the form of a slowdown in the import of goods. The more products were added to the... >>>
25.01.2023 17:09
Fix the problem on the site on the front side (laravel)Good afternoon.Website on laravel Video problems from our backend programmerThe problem is... >>>
25.01.2023 12:04
Developer Bitrix on online storesSample tasks:Development of a module for your own payment system (receiving a payment link by rest api)Transfer of the product catalog from ... >>>
25.01.2023 12:04
Develop PHP sending messages in telegram bot (Telegram bot)The hosting hosts the database mysql-5.7.27 The database has a BOTUSERS table, it has a field User_id (user ID in Telegram) Telegram bot is ... >>>
25.01.2023 12:03
Wrap the text in the desired html-tagsThere are about 250 products and to each description in a separate dock. The description contains unnecessary formatting, because it was cop... >>>
25.01.2023 12:02
Integrating OpenCart 3 with My WarehouseYou need to synchronize the number of balances of goods with the quantity in Opencart. And synchronize prices.There is a ready-made module, ... >>>
25.01.2023 12:01
Script for processing CSV files (database dumps) in PythonGiven:8 CSV files that are an unload from the CRM system database.Each file usually corresponds to a table in the database.Have to:Process t... >>>
25.01.2023 12:01
Solve bugs formed in bugtracker fullstack: Nuxt/LaravelSolve bugs formed in bugtracker and regression test (task tracker) fullstack: Nuxt/LaravelFor two projects and https:/... >>>
25.01.2023 12:00
Minor edits on the site on php/smartyHello!It is necessary to make small edits on the site on the self-written php/smarty engine.1. Configure https redirection, the standard sol... >>>
25.01.2023 12:00
Integration of IPA of a third-party program with TelegramIt is necessary to transfer an array of (10-15 rows) of data from a third-party program to Telegram and back by writing a small downloader, ... >>>
24.01.2023 19:58
Make an API in php under Yandex.Market for digital goodsMake an API in php for automatic processing, acceptance and delivery of orders with digital codes. Also make an api to check for the availab... >>>
24.01.2023 19:57
Interface and API testingWelcome. You need to test the interfaces of web sites (manual) REST API From the performer:- frequent online- Rapid understanding of process... >>>
24.01.2023 19:56
Put filtering in PHP to protect against SQL injections (only experienced)There are PHP scripts, you need to put filtering from SQL injections. Protect as much as possible against possible hacking.... >>>
24.01.2023 19:53
Integrate the Tinkoff payment system into a Laravel-based CMSIt is necessary to write a plug-in of the payment system (with the function of splitting payments) Tinkoff for the marketplace.The site is m... >>>
24.01.2023 19:51
PHP - site improvementNo to studios! There is a site for symphony (if you know Laravel, you can quickly figure it out), you need to make a clearly formulated list... >>>
23.01.2023 18:54
Finalize the Dokan plugin for WooCommercePlugin improvements are required, please write only if you have experience with Dokan and WooCommerce.A secure transaction is possible.... >>>
23.01.2023 15:25
Fix payment statuses in the Strapi admin panelIt is necessary to fix the statuses of payments in the Bandi admin panel from Tinkoff Bank. Previously worked, with successful payment true,... >>>
23.01.2023 15:23
Improve the backend of the site / yii2It is necessary to finalize the backend of the site (yii2) of the catalog of goods from different sources according to the tk: https://docs.... >>>
23.01.2023 15:22
Full stack developer (React PHP). 2 hours today. Edits in the projectHello)the finished project needs to be amended.fix the top menu, add links, replace pictures and move the page from stage to prod.We call to... >>>
23.01.2023 15:21