Sparsit siteYou need to pair in .csv/.xlsx/google sheets (at your discretion) a list of all professions from this site >>>
17.01.2021 21:06
Developer on WordPressGood afternoon) Requires a developer on Wordpress for periodic tasks. Requirements - experience on THE GP for more than 5 years. On communic... >>>
17.01.2021 13:08
Telegram bot that will notify the news from the sitetelegram bot, which will notify the news site - a link to the news, for a quick transition... >>>
17.01.2021 13:04
To refine the Internet - Shop on OpencardA high-end specialist is required! To refine the online furniture store on Opencart, TK for review will send.... >>>
16.01.2021 21:53
Refinement of the site on BitrixFor long-term and regular cooperation we look for a developer in the bitrix team. The first tasks on the site Site... >>>
16.01.2021 21:53
Landing on HTML or CMSWe have a landing -, it is made on Tilda. It should be transferred to HTML or CMS. Requirements:Semantically correct... >>>
16.01.2021 19:47
Develop a website (CMS WordPress)Welcome to all potential performers!There is a task to develop the siteCMS - Only WordPressReady to discuss the option on the design templat... >>>
16.01.2021 13:44
You need to develop a parser siteYou want to develop a service that will pars data from the site and save it. Separately, you need to develop an application that you can acc... >>>
16.01.2021 13:42
Parser PHPDevelop a parser under CMS WordPress1) Parser should pars every hour new reviews about the various phones that are posted on this site - (to... >>>
16.01.2021 13:41
Opencart 3You want to automatically generate product data:1. Title:Now the tiel looks like this - "TOYOTA CORROLA" >>>
16.01.2021 13:41
Create outpatient pages, templates for printing appointmentsCreate outpatient pages, templates for printing appointments, make edits after presentation to doctors in the Klientiks system.Ideal: Experi... >>>
15.01.2021 20:17
Spread the cost of delivery by the cost of goodsSite on Beatrix. The distribution of the cost of delivery by the cost of goods has already been implemented (in the formation of the order t... >>>
15.01.2021 20:15
Set up theme template and market placement module on online store on open cart 3You need to learn how to customize the template of the theme of the design of the online store and the module market place on the online sto... >>>
15.01.2021 15:06
1C-Bitrix (1C-Bitrix) - Refining the store function.The store has developed an interface for quickly stuffing the goods with the output of the order form for printing. Orders after formation a... >>>
15.01.2021 15:06
Write the bot telegram under lavarelA bot is required to send a notification to users associated with any operation.Implement as an event in Laravel 7.28Event - a new message i... >>>
15.01.2021 15:00
Project support on SymfonyHello world! Now we need to make new services in the field of fintech, but also to borrow and support current projects. Project on Symfony. ... >>>
15.01.2021 14:59
Develop a user behavior analytics module for live broadcastsGood afternoon! You need to develop a module to collect data on the users actions in the player and the analytics of that data. Stack: Larav... >>>
15.01.2021 14:59
Backend developer for startup project (Teamlead, Senior, Middle). Employment 6 monthsA developer is required for 30-40 hours per week. Knowledge: Php One of the frameworks Yii2, Laravel, Symfony MariaDB/MySQL Git Scrum Experi... >>>
15.01.2021 14:55
Need to extract SVG animation from the siteThere is a site, when you enter it starts animation: task of transferring the site to webflow is carried out, so it... >>>
15.01.2021 14:16
Transfer the self-written site to WordPress.Transfer a self-written site to WordPress or another engine. Its possible to refine it. Http:// websiteAdd pages, pictures, text... >>>
15.01.2021 13:55