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OPENCART - Jet CACHE module (caching)

The JET CACHE module is installed on the Opencart engines website. This is a page caching module.

The page is only a couple of minutes in the cache.

After 2-3 minutes, the module gives the page not in the cache, and the usual.

What do you need?

You want to analyze why this happens and set up the cache so that it disappears only when the description and characteristics are updated on the product.

Its an important moment! You need to make sure that all the data in the cache, except the price of the goods. And the price "pulled up" on the page without cache.

The module is rich in "settings"

Its possible to do what Ive written.

P.S. Offer your price and terms of sale. I prefer that I know the module and know what to do.

21.10.2020 10:45

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