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Pictures for the site

Hello world. You need to make pictures for the site on Jumla, that they would correspond to the format described below.

All pictures framed in the img tag should have such options:

- srcset image settings should be like on the picture attached

- THE height must be at least 1200 (width proportional)

- In addition to the original picture, you need to add pictures with the attribute srcset. The height of the other 3 srcset pictures should be 480, 614, 814 and appropriately made 3 more copies based on proportions

- you need to add a micro-blur with thumbnail in which to prescribe links to all created previews

- all pictures should have decodeasync

- Pictures should be in the format of webp and appropriately all other permissions and ratios of the parties also need to be done in this expansion, because for poppies and iPhones this format is not supported, then for them to leave similar previews in jpeg extensions

Pictures should be made on the main page of the site vivatrans com ua

Thats where the gruzoperevozki/perevozka-mebeli.html

If you can, write the cost for 1 picture in this format.

16.04.2021 12:33

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