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Programmer for opencart

There is a site on opencart, not finished, in the process of refinement. We need to start the project in a short time. There is a list of works that need to be completed (a number of edits). The previous developer since the beginning of the May holidays does not get in touch.

What you need:
1. Make edits on functionality/layout. Functionality of the most ordinary online store: a card of goods, a basket, payment, etc. There is a layout, but ideally that we can also correct the layout somewhere. Thats going to be a big plus.
2. Connect the payment system. Perhaps it will be advcash, but still undecided.
3. Set up the import of goods. It is supposed to be a custom template with data, which should load the goods cards on the site at one click. The set of fields is known, the standard module opencart can not do, it is necessary to write a custom solution. If you can only work with ready-made modules, you wont be able to complete the task, unfortunately. You need good php and bekend skills.

Plus constant support for the project. I expect you online, to be in touch, not to disappear for several days. Payment by agreement. We need to start today or tomorrow.
06.05.2021 20:25

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