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We need to make edits on OpenCart

Good afternoon.

You need to make edits on the site on OpenCart 2. Small things (hopefully fast- performance).

The tasks on the link are

There are many such tasks, and I am ready to cooperate in the future. We can work very successfully. You appreciated, did, I checked, payment (no delay).

On the work itself, it is important that you do not pay much attention to css, that is, the tasks are so that it is important to bring out in the right place functionality, or a button, whether the text and so on, that is important to deduce the structure that was prescribed in the TK. If you brought out and it is almost crooked then it is not terrible, after you will still work on styles of the maker. It is important to deduce the way it is spelled out in the task and thats it.

16.04.2021 14:14

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