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Integration testing of JSON data

We are looking for an expert who knows codeception and/or webception and can create a series of integration tests. Please read the attached file with the task and appendix description.

We expect you to do the following:

Set up:

- Create a container which has codeception and webception installed
- Use PHP write test and S3 module in codeception to connect storage
- Connected to a S3 bucket (API keys will be given) and download payload.json file (INPUT FILE)
- Send the payload.json file to our microservice which performs math operations (PROCESSOR)
- Connected to an S3 folder (API keys and details will be given) where the results are stored (OUTPUT FILES)

Analysis (using OUTPUT FILES):

- Test 1: Take timesheets.json (Appendix 1) and compare that sum of all duration fields equal to that of contractsPnL.json (Appendix 2)
- Test 2: Take contracts.json (Appendix 3) and compare that count of total contractName fields to that of contractsPnL.json (Appendix 2)

Serve results (webception)

- Connect webception
- Display results in webception

The result must include Dockerfile and simple Readme how to use application.

N./B.: We expect to be working with someone expert at PHP and able to use the language well to do math computations. We will not be using any other language.
22.06.2022 07:52

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