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A project on the Yii Framework. Edits needed

A project on the Yii Framework. Edits needed:
1.1. When you click on the button, the record is set status and the record disappeared. Now the record has stopped disappearing.
1.2. Sorting by kb stopped working
1.3. It is necessary to make a selection by kb "from" and "to"

2. The time of the panel / server runs for an hour, correct. show where to edit.
3. When I do not have a password to the DB, it changes in 3 places. 2 places we know, and the third seems to know but it is not there. find ))

Please write right away:
1. When you are ready to start.
2. How well you know the Yii Framework.
3. How to contact you.
4. The price of an hour of your work.
12.10.2021 11:05

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