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Create and connect a separate database to a WordPress site with the ability to search it from a web page

Good afternoon!

There is a site on WordPress on a ready-made template. You need to add a page with a search for a separate database. An example is described here . Search is available to any visitor to the site. It is necessary to make a limit on the number of requests or captcha to avoid spam requests.

The database should include 15 parameters (data type: text and pictures). But you also need to be able to extend them as needed and change the data type of each parameter. Only an admin can add data.

Search is needed by 4 parameters, but leave the opportunity to expand the number of search parameters. It is good if the search will be through one search string, but not necessarily.

Search results should be displayed on one page with the specified 4 parameters from the database, while the results should be made clickable with the issuance of an individual page for each result generated from the database with all the parameters (company card). Along with the results, add the initial parameter search string to the beginning so that you dont have to take a step back.

For example, "Juice" is entered in the search, in the results there will be several manufacturers and variants of juices that are in the database. Similarly, if you drive in the manufacturer, then there will be all the products from the manufacturer. You can click on any of the results and get full information about what kind of juice, composition, manufacturer, photo, etc.

You need a text instruction on how to add data to a new database. Make two small edits if necessary.
09.05.2022 20:00

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