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Finalize the online store, the ability to accept $

There is an online store of gaming services written in yii2, it is necessary to add functionality so that it is possible to accept payment in $, and not only in rubles.

Initially, during the development, we laid the functionality for this, but as a result, it was not used and because of this we did not finish its implementation to the end.
It will be necessary to take the rate (rubles to $), take the price of goods in rubles, recalculate it in $ and save (and so on with all goods of different types). This will need to be done every N hours.
Make appropriate changes in the templates in the admin panel and the client part.

Another person is now working on the functionality of the payment system, but if you need help from you, we will issue a separate order or as an additional payment in this.

After selecting the performer, I will provide access to the turnip, after which it will be possible to clarify the TK, terms and cost.

At the moment, there is an image of the working project on Vagrant, but if you have not worked with it, you will have to deploy the project yourself.
You will not need to work with the product, it works and we will update it after checking the functionality on the test.

Main requirements:
- Be sure to experience in developing projects on yii2
- Writing clean code that will work stably and that other people can work on in the future

According to the terms - ideally finish before the 12-13th, therefore such a price, but if it is not feasible for you - then until the 14-16th.

Do not waste time leaving reviews in the spirit of "did not work with yii, but the master is on the jang, which means that I think what I will do."
I only consider people with reviews.

Technologies: yii2, php, mysql, git, unix
09.05.2022 10:12

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