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Improvements in CMS goorucms

Good afternoon
you need to make the following improvements on CMS goorucms:

1.On the Members of the Union page it is possible to filter by type of activity, locality (drop-down list).

2.On the participants page we see:

Name, date of birth, localityCompany, positionPhoto (ability to add photos, pictures, files)Description (text field)Activities (filter)Contacts -site, mail, phone 3.The Announcements section contains a page with ads. There is a filter by type of activity, company, locality.

4.The ad page consists of:

Name of the adDescriptionType of activityBudget (per project/per hour)Files (the ability to attach)The ability to write a comment and respond. 5.Anyone can send a commercial offer in the ads section.

The application goes to moderation.

A member of the union has his own personal account, through which he can place an ad, which falls on moderation first, then the moderator by clicking one button places an ad.

The task must be implemented on the deployed backup, display all the innovations, then if everything is OK, deploy on the combat version of the site.

30.09.2022 19:30

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