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Online store site on OpenCart integration and data migration

You need to create a site based on OpenCart, transfer data from the current site and integrate services. It is desirable that you can flexibly approach the solution of the problem where it is assumed that there are no standard tools for its solution. If the collaboration is successful in theory, remote support is needed from time to time.

Huge request

- send a portfolio - examples of your sites based on OpenCart with a description of interesting and important points in your opinion
- outline the approximate cost for which you are ready to perform the work

So, directly what is required

• Integration of services:
- acquiring of the payment system
- Three transport companies
- Russian post (automatic calculation of the cost of the order depending on the weight and address of the recipient)
- system of selection and correction of addresses via dadata
- SMS (
- with a mailbox on Yandex (smtp)
- chat on the site (jivosite)
- integration with Market VK and Ozon Seller

• Transferring data from the old system:
(our current developer can write a script to upload data, you just need to know in what form they are needed and where to upload)

- personal accounts of customers with order history
- about 1500-2000 products (with images, descriptions, reviews, ratings)
- Order history
- information about suppliers
- documentation (consignment notes)

• Functionality:
- the ability to create invoices, reconciliation acts, etc. in automatic mode
- ordering for the client should be simple and understandable (short way)
- saving the last method of delivery when placing a new order
- the ability to take into account the delivered orders (loading of registers)
- accumulative and one-time system of discounts, which is tied to the users personal account
- the ability to make discounts on promo codes or on certain categories of goods
- display of related products
- Automatic creation of watermark on images
- need to be able to upload images in whole batches, not one at a time
you also need the ability to delete all images in the product gallery with one click
- embedding a video on a product page
- function of creating a markdown product
- gift certificate
- filter system
- tags
05.08.2022 15:14

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