CloudFlare Bypass Solution for POST RequestsThere is a site to which ClodFlare protection was recently connected.There is a POST request on this website that provides the data we need.... >>>
09.06.2022 20:16
Finalization of the site on LaravelIn the finished site it is necessary to add a product catalog (list card) The design is in figma Important: experience with Laravel, layout... >>>
09.06.2022 13:24
Editing and revision of sites on laravelThere is a task to finalize the existing site, the cost is quite difficult to estimate in advance. Because it takes a few hours to understan... >>>
09.06.2022 13:24
Finalize the project on YiiIt is necessary to connect to the project and finalize it according to the list of tasks / bugs. The tasks are not too big, they appear peri... >>>
09.06.2022 13:10
Need to add adjustments to the site on Modx evoYou need to add adjustments to the filter and some pages of the site on Modx evoIf in a brief description:1.Configure filter2.Add adjustment... >>>
09.06.2022 13:10
Support on projects under Yii, Yii2There are projects written in Yii1, Yii2. We need periodic support for them (refinement, problem solving). Good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Lin... >>>
09.06.2022 13:09
Refinement of Internet CRM on Self-written CMS. From 2000 rub./h. Enter your BetNeeds to refine a working crm site Payment for the project upon the time spent. from 2 000 rub./h. TASKS ON THE SITE: 0. First of all, yo... >>>
09.06.2022 13:08
Work with sites on wordpress. Finish off and fill.A couple of sites on WP are in need of revision. 1. news portal. Here you need to create the necessary rubrics, create additional sections a... >>>
08.06.2022 18:50
Sms adjustment in Bitrix 24It is necessary to make a business process of sending SMS in case of rejection (cancellation) of the transaction... >>>
08.06.2022 18:34
Setting up a server for Bitrix (site acceleration by TK)Welcome! There is a problematic site, server-side optimization and backend optimization are required. A detailed description of the tasks i... >>>
08.06.2022 18:32
Add functionality to the site on Wordpress. TodayHello)Now there are:1. Website (sell vitamins) made on WP Woocommerce2. On the site, payment is not made through Woo a directly through the ... >>>
08.06.2022 15:06
Writing code to interact with the WEB server through API requestsThere is a GPS tracking server - Wialon. I want to create my own application for biling, I plan to use API requests, Wialon API documentatio... >>>
08.06.2022 15:05
Install the finished app. from codcaneon to flutter admin panel laravelInstall the purchased app out of the box (iOS and android) >>>
08.06.2022 07:27
Layout of the site with a stretch on WPRequires the layout of the site on the bootstrap, with a further stretch on wordpress.The key feature of the site is the following principle... >>>
07.06.2022 20:24
Modification of the site on WordPressHello.A programmer is required to refine the site (various tasks periodically) and further support.... >>>
07.06.2022 20:19
Fix a bug in crm-system (Yii2, Angular)It is necessary to restore the operability of the CRM-system. Some of the records in the database have incorrect data that contradicts the l... >>>
07.06.2022 20:18
You need to change the domain and hosting programYou need to change the domain and hosting program... >>>
07.06.2022 20:09
Auto Parts ParserParser, by specific numbers, via api (brickdata) fill in Excel... >>>
07.06.2022 20:09
Checking the site for vulnerabilityHello. Im looking for a pentester. It is necessary to check the site for a vulnerability and, if possible, fix it. Thank you... >>>
07.06.2022 20:08
Finalize the form of booking tables in the restaurant WORDPRESS WOOCOMMERCEGood afternoon!A qualified PHP developer is required, at least a strong middle. There is a form that interacts with this plugin - https://wo... >>>
07.06.2022 20:07