Finish the site (requires experience with Wordpress and creating complex sites)What needs to be done? Anonymity should be provided – i.e. the ability for those who publish projects to edit – which of the data can be pub... >>>
29.08.2021 22:33
You need to make changes in the code on Tilda, remove the inscription made on tildaGood evening, we need a developer to consult on working with code in Tilda.By tasks:1) you need to add two buttons to the pop up and the blo... >>>
29.08.2021 18:52
Script to check your accountCreate a script that, when sending accounts through, will check them for validity through two sites.... >>>
29.08.2021 18:51
Make edits to projects on Yii2/LaravelThere are a number of projects, CRM and services, online stores, applications on webview on Yii2 and Laravel.Many improvementsWe consider co... >>>
29.08.2021 18:48
Completion of the site on Modx marketplacesThe main task is to improve the site on Modx.Current tasks : -Make in the catalog "Out of stock" and what could be done pre-order-Reviews on... >>>
29.08.2021 11:38
Implement DATA transfer via APIImplement data transfer via several API scenarios from the ticket system to pro.kultura. The backend runs on Yii2. The task is urgent. Detai... >>>
29.08.2021 11:38
Wp refinementInstalled this plugin – Does not work part of the visual modules on the site, you need to fix))... >>>
28.08.2021 23:11
Cryptocurrency purchase system and connection of payment systems. Blockchain debit/credit card button.Simple registration (new wallet/add wallet(qr?)) Buy idiot coin To be continuous... User registration, creation of a wallet, payment by card... >>>
28.08.2021 11:09
Writing an API (PHP programmer with knowledge of Laravel and REST API)Requires a programmer with knowledge of the Laravel/Lumen framework who knows the REST API specification. It is required to write a backend ... >>>
27.08.2021 18:51
Output of api in the blockWe will discuss all issues personally... >>>
27.08.2021 18:35
Improve the site working with the DBGood afternoon.You need to make some edits to the site that works with the database (mysql). PHP7.2 mysqlTerms of use in the attached file.I... >>>
27.08.2021 18:34
Solve the problem and make changes in Word PressSolve the problem and make changes in Word Press... >>>
27.08.2021 11:01
Expand a copy of bitrix siteThere is a site on bitrix, there are no suitable backups now. The connection with the past developer is lost. When you try to create a backu... >>>
27.08.2021 10:56
Connect payment system (epay 2.0) to self-written payment moduleThere is a payment epay 2.0And there is a self-written payment module on the site, it is implemented as simply as possible. A couple of PHP ... >>>
26.08.2021 20:55
Refine self-written CRMTheres a CRM made on the knee. Theres a lot of code and its confusing. It is necessary to understand it and finalize the email notifications... >>>
26.08.2021 09:14
Add online payment moduleWrite an online payment module (sber) in addition to the existing one (you can copy, with a change in the merchant) and place it on a separa... >>>
26.08.2021 09:09
Rewrite the site in PHP 8There is a site on the self-written engine. The cattle code is terrible. The site has the following functionality: Admin panel: Adding artic... >>>
25.08.2021 18:57
Add filter by product name and repair the search by entity name on the project on SymfonyThere is a small service written in Symfony 4.1 for internal needs. Several types of entities have been created in it: product parameters, p... >>>
25.08.2021 11:02
Supporting a PHP Laravel project and then writing in NODE JSHi we are a startup studio, we are constantly looking for new products and our goal is to create big products for big markets. Now we need s... >>>
23.08.2021 20:58
Improve the site on LaravelThe site is written in Laravel, MySQL database.1. It is necessary to rework the front of the site. Only 7 of the same type of screens.The de... >>>
23.08.2021 20:58