Development and launch of an online store based on laravel (front backend)Need to develop and run the mvp of the online store, design layouts prepared in Figma, there is a detailed TK. Commodity matrix of 1500-3000... >>>
24.04.2021 20:53
Test online storeYou want a mids or higher tester to test a large online store. 1. You need to write test cases based on TK and test functional2. Write auto ... >>>
24.04.2021 20:52
Make a translation of the text (27)Dear colleagues,there is a text in English at 14300 c. We need to translate it into Russian.Id love to work with real professionals!With res... >>>
24.04.2021 20:52
We need to install and customize the marketing modules on opencard 3We need to install and customize the marketing modules on opencard 3... >>>
24.04.2021 18:59
Bitrix 24 programmer, refine the module (script) for the service stationHello, Im looking for Bitrix 24 programmer at Our Box.The module (script) for the Auto Service needs to be refined.TK is there, Ill send the... >>>
24.04.2021 18:36
Dating siteIll buy a template dating site for adults or a self-written one. An example of a desired site by functionality- swing-zone.comIt is also int... >>>
24.04.2021 10:25
Challenge on BeatrixYou need to connect the turbo page for several pages of beatrix... >>>
23.04.2021 20:57
Refining the existing site on Yii2, phpWe are looking for a programmer to work on the project. The project is capacious, development in stages, payment - on the fact of fulfillmen... >>>
23.04.2021 20:55
Online auto parts store.Creating an online auto parts store. Integration through the API.......... >>>
23.04.2021 18:32
Copy this site on opencart.You need to copy this site on opencart dont need one in one. We will add the goods cards ourselves. Write in more d... >>>
23.04.2021 15:34
Fix Wordpress logo displayGood afternoon! There is a simple site on the - but the logo has come off and can not fix themselves. Recovery assista... >>>
23.04.2021 14:15
Fixing site errors on 1C-BitrixCorporate site, working, in the admin writes that you need to correct some errors, pieces 5 finds and does not upload pictures in the news. ... >>>
23.04.2021 12:27
Update Beatrix to the latest versionThere is a site on the old version of Bitrix and php5.6. Now we want to update to the latest version, but when you try to change the php to ... >>>
23.04.2021 10:52
MySL - Finding the Causes of OverloadOptimize and set up mySL database monitoringThe challenge is:1) Optimize the database Of MySL under heavy loads on which the moodle works.2)... >>>
23.04.2021 09:50
Make changes to WordPressThere is a ready-made site on WordPress. Have to:1. Fix flaws in translation of language versions (not all words translated, ready texts pro... >>>
23.04.2021 08:20
Refining the site on DLE- Add new separate forms to enter data into the database- Output of data (from new forms) on the site output of tables and graphs- Connectin... >>>
23.04.2021 06:31
Developer Cake PHP on long-term cooperationWe are looking for a Cake PHP developer with the experience to develop and add new functionality to our existing projects.... >>>
22.04.2021 20:54
Make integration all over with API/stack front js, reactjsMake integration with the API: ... >>>
22.04.2021 20:51
Refining the backend on laravelWe need a backend developer with a solid experience with Laravel, api development. The project is in the active stage of development, you ne... >>>
22.04.2021 20:50
Programming for online store (on beatrix)We are looking for programmers who know bitrix for programming tasks for the online store. requirements Bitrix certificates. Current cases o... >>>
22.04.2021 14:07