Woocommerce basket refinement errorEditTheres a bug in the shopping cart Problem 1 canceled, problem solved... >>>
17.10.2020 20:49
Urgent! Lock from Roskom by domain name. Need helpRoskom blocked the site most likely by the domain, when changing ai pi on the site is enough for 30 minutes, ie block the operators domain o... >>>
17.10.2020 19:50
Find and fix a vulnerability in user registration on the siteContinuously on the site https://takida.com.ua/ registered a lot of spam users http://prntscr.com/v11edd The site installed the captcha of t... >>>
17.10.2020 09:32
Refining the sites layout on LaravelThere is a site on laravel. We need to get better, make improvements to the hair. I will provide all the details to the interested candidate... >>>
16.10.2020 23:16
You need to create an online store on woocommerce or prestashop.We need a lot of sites to work so not to sit on just one platform and depend on it. We want to have different sites on both online platforms... >>>
16.10.2020 12:13
Technical optimization of the site (self-described)Need to the site - https://goo.su/2EfMake technical edits from a SEO specialist, an example of edits:1. Make 301 on https2. Natsre on every ... >>>
16.10.2020 09:55
Mamsite.comOn the self-written cms. created a forum site mamsite.com.Some technical improvements need to be made. A list of refinements is attached to ... >>>
16.10.2020 09:55
We need a specialist to develop a new functionalityYou need a specialist to develop new functionality and fix existing bugs.The SRM is written on Laravel, consists of many modules.We need a r... >>>
16.10.2020 09:50
API integration orders (online store)Implement Api integration for goods orders (second sub: API for ordering)... >>>
16.10.2020 09:39
Site refinement/ PHP/Samopi/Urgent1 Implement the functional calculation of the partners earnings.2 Small errors on the page 3 Section of the FAAll edits are made on the test... >>>
15.10.2020 23:14
Add a flat paybox.comWe need to add a new payment system to the admin https://www.paybox.com/Now its added... >>>
15.10.2020 23:02
Edits on the site at php (laravel vue.js)https://imagofashion.ru/1) When choosing in the basket "delivery" and "payment card" - the button to order do not become active 2) We have a... >>>
15.10.2020 19:13
Fixing Opencart errorsWe need to correct errors on the site.dommelochi.by - the functions "Order a call," "Buy in one click," "Fast order" do not work fully.i.e. ... >>>
15.10.2020 15:32
PhP Developer RequiredTo cooperate, you need a developer on PHP for a project lasting 5-10 days. Pay by watch. Important!!! Accessibility for utilities and calls.... >>>
15.10.2020 15:11
Refining the search for an online store. BitrixSmart search works incomprehensible. It does not cover the entire range of goods.When searching with abreuatures such as "ABB," looking for ... >>>
15.10.2020 15:11
Update the PHP version. correct the bug in BeatrixRequires a person who will quickly and correctly do everything!Update the PHP version. correct the bug in Beatrix.site (old man) on Bitrix, ... >>>
15.10.2020 15:10
Preparing a price list for the RosetteWe need to prepare a price list for the Rosette.Shop on the Prom, unload.The store fishland.com.ua. Id be happy to cooperate. Thank you... >>>
15.10.2020 14:22
Programmer on laravelWelcome to everyone.Requires a programmer, under the system Laravel Framework.You need to rewrite the code after incompetent developers and ... >>>
15.10.2020 13:01
Correct the cornise on woocommerce. Right away.Hello.https://pateder.ru/tkani_/ On this site you need to make two small edits. Preferably now.When the item changes in the basket, the cart... >>>
15.10.2020 10:12
Improvements in the web application (mobile site html, laravel)In the web application (online store: site on html, admin on laravel) you need to make the following improvements:- in the app to align text... >>>
15.10.2020 10:11