Modifications of the site on Yii2Hello, the task is as followsHave:Website in the great and mighty PHP (7.2), Yii2 frameworkHave to:1) Add replenishment of users personal ac... >>>
28.11.2022 19:13
Screw to the site (educational institution) on Dupal7 reception of Pushkin cardsGiven: The organizations website on D7 It is necessary: to carry out a turnkey work front for receiving payments on the Pushkin card. That i... >>>
28.11.2022 13:45
Fix virtuemart errorsWebsite. Template is from yootheme, catalog component – virttuemart 4.0.6 10690 Goods are unloaded via RO CSVI ... >>>
28.11.2022 13:43
Finalization of the site on Opencart work ro backend and frontendIt is necessary to refine the site, to fix the script for cropping images. Need excellent knowledge of Js and php... >>>
28.11.2022 13:40
Understand the work of php scriptsYou need a very experienced programmer.I downloaded the script, I need to help figure out how it works, and why the clients site does not wo... >>>
28.11.2022 13:39
Finalization of the site on 1C BitrixGood afternoon! It is necessary to make a revision of the site on 1C Bitrix according to the technical task. Requirements: 1. Send a sample... >>>
28.11.2022 13:38
Finalization of the site on 1C-BitrixHello!It is necessary to fix a number of bugs on the site 1c-Bitrix Site Management, online storeYou need to configure the integration of th... >>>
28.11.2022 13:38
Improvements to the site on YiiNeeds a programmer to improve the site on YIIit will also be a plus if you know and work with WPThere are a lot of improvements in the TK, d... >>>
28.11.2022 13:19
Rework the output of Wordpress postsHello!We need to rework the output of posts in WordPress. Now there is a filter and output through query_posts (), but this interferes with ... >>>
26.11.2022 20:02
Improvements on the siteThe current site has flown off, not the latest version has been restored. The site is written in ShopScript. A number of edits need to be ma... >>>
26.11.2022 18:00
Revision and correction of the backend in PHPFix errors in the backend of the mobile application together with the team of mobile developers, introduce a new functionality.... >>>
26.11.2022 17:38
Run the Web application on the Digital Ocean serverIm looking for a Rython developer to run a Web application on a Digital Ocean server.Frontend is written in React, but backend in Python.In ... >>>
26.11.2022 17:37
Web-site developmentTurnkey site development based on Laravel PostgreSQL.Volume: 14 database tables, 11 web pages user registration/authorization.The design is ... >>>
26.11.2022 17:37
Functionality of user access to the catalog of products on the site (yii2)It is required to develop the functionality of user access to goods in the catalog of sites according to the tk: >>>
26.11.2022 17:24
Buy non-RF maps templates on Envato/Themeforest and give it to me (installation and configuration is also needed)Work on postpayment and secure transaction. I need templates, but no foreign bank cards. Therefore, the work is very simple. If you are ins... >>>
26.11.2022 12:14
Modification of the module on WordpressWritten a module in Wordpress, you need to add error handling.... >>>
26.11.2022 12:09
Translate old php scripts for the site to php 7There is a self-written cms-system for displaying and editing news. Problems: it is written in shitty (shitty code), uses outdated libraries... >>>
26.11.2022 11:32
Get data from the Binance API, display as a table.Get data from the Binance API, display as a table. Calculate values based on specified formulas. Sending a message to Telegram, E-mail when ... >>>
25.11.2022 20:00
Integrate online store exchange on Wordpress with MoiSkladGood afternoon! Interested in refining a site built on wordpress (woocommerce). Brief TK: Connect CRM system (My Warehouse) to woocommerce -... >>>
25.11.2022 20:00
Full-stack Bitrix developerWe are looking for a full-stack Bitrix developer for a project in the field of booking. Link to the project skin the candidate. Requirements... >>>
25.11.2022 19:58