We need a specialist on WordPress. You need to add one setting!Hello freelancers! We will need to set up the integration of our online store with the service of the supplier, so that the goods are unload... >>>
22.11.2020 11:08
WordPress: Adjust the codeGood afternoon.There is a theme bought on Envato, for my personal blog (years two ago). Theme name: Gorge. Compatible with the new version o... >>>
22.11.2020 11:07
Wordpress SpecialistGood evening to all! Looking for a specialist, or a team that will be able to provide technical support to the site on Wordpress, often need... >>>
22.11.2020 11:03
Landing page on massage themeHello! You need to create a massage-themed massage for a private person. Please send a brief and specify a price fork, as well as additional... >>>
22.11.2020 11:02
Make parsingGood afternoon, you need to unload goods from the category of products from the site https://agusik.com.ua/In the format.An example is attac... >>>
22.11.2020 11:02
To refine the wordpress site.You need to make changes to the site code.1.Change the headline code coupons https://prnt.sc/vna6ug, on the example of coupons https://vsecu... >>>
22.11.2020 11:00
Refinements under opencardsThe project is urgenthttp://xlplus.com.ua/shubka_shik ... >>>
22.11.2020 10:58
Web developer, knowledge of PHP (Yii2 and/or Laravel desirable) for remote work, part-time employmentWe are looking for a web developer with knowledge of PHP (Yii2 and/or Laravel desirable) for remote work for part-time (up to 20 hours), wit... >>>
20.11.2020 14:00
Refining the siteWe need to refine the site. We are looking for a competent programmer for long-term cooperation. Payment is strictly on the fact of the work... >>>
19.11.2020 13:33
Developer PHP/JS/MySL (Remote)If you: 1. I am tired of financial instability and the lack of any financial guarantees and prospects. 2. Customers who constantly "take out... >>>
19.11.2020 13:23
Fullstack Web Programmer (Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS)Required work experience: 2-6 years. Full-time, remote work. Now I am a freelance programmer. I have too many orders, I do not have time to ... >>>
19.11.2020 13:22
Programmer Bitrix to work with the site, as well as CRM Bitrix24 and 1CRequired work experience: 1-3 years Part-time, remote work Wis Media is one of the main and reliable companies - suppliers in the market of ... >>>
19.11.2020 13:22
Automation of data parsing with FTP and cataloguing it in MySL and nginxA: 1. VPS 2. Device downloading by FTP parcel kind: a few jpgs and json. json is always loaded last - its a triger of the beginning of pro... >>>
19.11.2020 13:19
Fullstack developer (Symfony, PHP, MySql, HTML/CSS/JS)Our company is looking for an experienced Web programmer to develop the project. About us We have a service where students make orders to he... >>>
19.11.2020 13:19
Edits and refinements of LK on Laravel1. Check-in consent to privacy policy 2. Make an Update button. When you press it, you should pop up with select, after clicking on the Upda... >>>
19.11.2020 13:19
promoting the siteyou need to promote the site. Wardpress. site of the year... >>>
18.11.2020 15:08
Programmer, php, LaravelWork on the development of the site chirr.com. Remote work, part-time employment. Confident knowledge of PHP 7, PLO Mysql: a good knowledge ... >>>
18.11.2020 14:49
Development of functionality for the taxi service management system (Laravel)It requires a Laravel developer to develop a new software complex to automate the taxi service. The experience of working with similar proje... >>>
18.11.2020 14:47
Development of the CRM Sythem interfaceThe CRM system interface, user and admin parts need to be developed. Details discussed... >>>
18.11.2020 14:46
Need a PHP programmer who knows the silverstripe framework (https://www.silverstripe.org/)I am looking for a php programmer for long-term cooperation for the development and development of modules on our CMS, which is based on the... >>>
18.11.2020 14:40