Fix a bug with product balances (woocommerce)In our online store on woocommerce there was a bug.Displays that the products are not in stock, although in fact they are.For example, the p... >>>
23.11.2021 20:41
Bitrix developer for the projectNeed Bitrix developer urover middle/senior in the project of an online store... >>>
23.11.2021 14:27
Finalization of the project on laravelGiven: 1. Laravel latest version 2. Voyager admin panel 3.PHP 8 Task: When creating an element of a specific table, it is necessary to send... >>>
23.11.2021 12:57
Development and support of the site on Cs-CartWe need a person who will develop and maintain three showcases on cs-cart... >>>
23.11.2021 12:57
Retrieving information through the API with subsequent throwing into bitrixHave a good day!Given:1) There is a site-store on bitrix (business version), with the suppliers goods.2) There is a suppliers website that o... >>>
23.11.2021 12:55
Make changes to the site and set up a payment systemSelf-written engineTime is short.Studios with a proposal to create a new site, do not write.budget appr... >>>
22.11.2021 20:54
Expand Bitrix websiteKind. Bitrix website. Rate.Deploy a typical template and configure/fill >>>
22.11.2021 20:53
CS-Cart DevelopmentWe are looking for a developer backend with CS-Cart experience and enough horizons to develop our project, in which we move away from the bo... >>>
22.11.2021 20:44
API developmentWe want to separate the existing PHP script into a separate API. In this regard, we are looking for a PHP developer with experience in writi... >>>
22.11.2021 14:58
Set up End-to-End Analytics in YandexMetrica via API with YClients as a CRMThe actual description in the description ) Once again: Set up End-to-End Analytics in YandexMetrica via API with YClients as a CRM. Now the... >>>
22.11.2021 14:29
Requires a programmer with the netcat signRequires a programmer with knowledge of NetCat and with experience in integrating with 1C. Details on tasks in private messages. The challen... >>>
22.11.2021 12:59
Ocpp 1.6 module developmentRequires a module for ocpp1 communication. 6 with fronted in phpIt is possible to finish the ingestable systems.... >>>
21.11.2021 20:47
Creating an online storeYou need to make an online store for the delivery of pyragos with payment the content is there and the photo is there... >>>
21.11.2021 20:46
Improve the siteI have a website, where you need to implement this calculation: the site is made in the constructor... >>>
21.11.2021 19:47
Back-end PHP Web developerTaskTeamwork on the project Version of layouts from FigmaInstage of edits according to the exact TKDevelopment of the front-end... >>>
21.11.2021 19:09
Finalization of the project on Yii2A programmer is needed to finalize the project in Yii2. The site is under construction. You need to conduct an audit of what you have done, ... >>>
21.11.2021 19:07
Js script to open a pop-up windowWe work with bk. There is a js script that opens popup, but it opens it for the first 10 minutes, then something happens and the script does... >>>
21.11.2021 18:54
Fix a checkout bugGood afternoonThe checkout button blocks the requirement to enter the code from the SMS. You want to remove validation and the code entry fi... >>>
21.11.2021 11:49
refinement and correction of errors in a working site on Drupal 7. Further maintenance of the site.a working site for printing photos, etc... you need to fix existing errors and also improve the site with new options. The site works but pe... >>>
20.11.2021 21:57
Telegram bot connection with the banks payment service via The functionality is implemented in the created application or by Telegram, if technically possible. The pro... >>>
20.11.2021 21:57