Revision of the component of the bulletin board DJ-Classifieds(Joomla 4) Php improvements1. Improve the router for the DJ-Classifieds Component 2. Assign the region and process the URL according to the region 3.js improvement wit... >>>
23.01.2023 15:21
Online store of farm products based on CMS OpenCartTheres a WP site made a couple of years ago. It is required to redo it on OpenCart, add a product of 30 items, information, connect payment ... >>>
23.01.2023 15:20
Revision, edit to LaravelHello) There is a small work)Please take a look at the video (5 minutes) tried everything there to show >>>
22.01.2023 20:34
Link sections with goods in the online store on CMS Bitrix after transferring the store to another hosting and to another domainThe transition of the online store to: 1. Other hosting, 2. Another domain, 3. At the same time, goods began to be unloaded from another sys... >>>
22.01.2023 20:33
Configure ClientID transfer to Yandex.MetricaTask: you need to set up the transfer of conversions to Yandex metric in the form of offline conversions with Keitaro tracker via ClientID d... >>>
22.01.2023 19:01
Reverse proxy of the .onion site in clearnet, in phpYou need to write a script to proxy the onion site to clearnet (our site) with full functionality, in php curl.It implies parsing content, w... >>>
22.01.2023 19:00
Configure | integration Joomla 4 forms with Bitrix24Configure sending data from Joomla 4 forms to Bitrix24. Forms "Balbooa Joomla Forms". What you need to send to CRM: -Sending the fields of f... >>>
22.01.2023 19:00
Refine Breadcrumb on Opencart 3.0It is necessary to refine the breadcrumbs in such a way that everything remains as it is now, but instead of the name of the categories, the... >>>
22.01.2023 18:58
Make integration with api on Laravel-projectMake integration with api on Laravel-project. Send expense reports every day at 7 am, taking statistics on the account. Please... >>>
22.01.2023 16:14
Set up a PHP script of the mail sender and put on the hosting or VDSI am looking for a person with PHP experience, knowledge of hosting, VDS and extensive experience and understanding in setting up mail and r... >>>
21.01.2023 16:34
Developing a Web Site for the Programming CenterGood afternoon, it is necessary to develop the design of the site: center-programming. Terms of reference in the appendix. Be sure to read ... >>>
21.01.2023 16:33
Revision of the site on WordpressThere is a wordpress site with a third-party plugin with n-th number of objects in it.- It is necessary to correct the data in the database ... >>>
21.01.2023 15:10
Deploy to a virtual machine ( Ubuntu ) site written in LaravelHello!The server with all the content, including backups of the site, fell.Only the code on GitHub remains. It is necessary to deploy the si... >>>
20.01.2023 19:19
Self-written PHP site, need to make editsHello)1. Replace logo2. center the goods on the main one so that there is no empty space on the right >>>
20.01.2023 19:18
Solve problems in Python. University levelYou need to solve 4 problems in attachments. For each payment 250 rubles... >>>
20.01.2023 15:41
Need to make edits to WP sitesHello, you need to make edits on WP sites, 80% of the tasks are technical edits on SEO. I attached the TK to a text file.... >>>
20.01.2023 14:57
Fixing 6 bugs nuxt/laravel for fullstackFixing 6 bugs nuxt/laravel for fullstackTK attached to the taskcicd pipeline (code review qa release by ar engineer)Requirements:a) specify ... >>>
20.01.2023 14:20
Help connect ssl certificateNeed help in connecting an ssl certificate on a vps server hosted on beget, by ip without a domain name or with it.The server will have an A... >>>
20.01.2023 10:51
Error on websiteThere is a problem with downloading a PDF on the site. For example, on the page ... >>>
20.01.2023 10:47
Make a unique URL for each city on bitrix ASPRO MAXHello, we need to implement unique URLs for each city, the option with subdomains that ASPRO offers is not suitable for us.We need to implem... >>>
20.01.2023 10:46