Restore sites on MODXRestore from backups sites on MODX with an online store. Choose by portfolio, attach links.... >>>
22.06.2022 20:50
Improvements on a large project on symfonyYou need a symfony proger for the developed marketplace of rolled metal products - Need to be friends with a symphony projec... >>>
22.06.2022 20:50
Revision of the site on BitrixIll send you a personal message. Experience with Bitrix is a must. Knowledge of the bitrix API is required.... >>>
22.06.2022 20:49
Finalization of the online store on Presta Shop and further supportThe online store has already been created, but there are questions about the refinement in the field of the site, functionality and design. ... >>>
22.06.2022 20:49
Integration testing of JSON dataWe are looking for an expert who knows codeception and/or webception and can create a series of integration tests. Please read the attached ... >>>
22.06.2022 07:52
Parsing by id does not work in my bot parser in telegramParsing by id does not work in my bot parser in telegram You dont need to fix it, you dont need to rewrite anything.... >>>
21.06.2022 21:00
Proxy check by apiGood afternoon, I need software that will work as a website. That is, we place it somewhere on the server and can go to the site from differ... >>>
21.06.2022 20:59
Payment system plugin for WPRequires a payment gateway plugin to a WP LearnPress plugin without Use, woocommers working directly, with payment systems : Robokassa, Advc... >>>
21.06.2022 20:15
Migration and maintenance of sites... >>>
21.06.2022 16:35
Parser of the catalog of categories and products in YML formatThe parser of products and catalogs of the site into a yml file in the shortest possible time (do not forget about b... >>>
21.06.2022 16:21
Fix layout, fix site (1 page) The page uses the gsap plugin ( to animate images when scrolling. Have to 1. Correct th... >>>
21.06.2022 16:21
Site on Bitrix, backendNeed a programmer for the project: Online store for the creation and sale of furnitureYou need to pull the project on Bitrix. The project ha... >>>
21.06.2022 16:10
Edit site on OpenCartMinor edits. By front... >>>
21.06.2022 16:09
Audit of the site on OpenCart and evaluation of error eliminationIt is required to conduct an audit of the site on OpenCart in terms of programming errors and layout. The purpose of the audit is ... >>>
21.06.2022 08:58
It is required to make a bot online store in telegramThere are seller prices in csv format. You need to set up automatic updating of prices, create a selection menu. Themes of auto parts. Who s... >>>
20.06.2022 20:30
CMS Joomla development of a simple module-calculator for calculating the price of the serviceIt is required to develop a new simple page on the site with a calculator module based on CMS Joomla. Example calculator xn--72-6kcqf0cchrk.... >>>
20.06.2022 14:06
Make edits in the online store on WoocommerceIt is necessary to make a number of edits to the site on Woocommerce. Edits include1. Improve page loading speed2. Remove system alerts3. Ad... >>>
20.06.2022 14:00
Edits to BitrixNeed edits on the reference.... >>>
20.06.2022 12:19
Advice on how to eliminate spam with xx ruWe have posted vacancies and bots constantly write personal messages such as "how to get a job with you" in telegram to the main account fro... >>>
20.06.2022 12:17
Correction of technical errors and revision of the site for OSStoreIt is necessary to correct the errors identified during the technical audit of the site. You also need to make a revision of the site. In th... >>>
20.06.2022 07:40