The site on Bitrix is not working correctlyThats the kind of site problem with the work (the catalog does not work). most likely a virus who can get the job d... >>>
06.05.2021 11:12
Fix the site on WordpressAfter the Wordpress update, the site works crookedly: problems with the header and some pages. Now the site has been rolled back to the prev... >>>
06.05.2021 10:28
Requires a specialist to set up Yandex direct and Google to the Academy of Freelancing "Without Borders"You need a specialist to set up Yandex and Google experience with online schools is mandatory.... >>>
06.05.2021 10:28
OpenCart programmer to support online storeYou need to solve a few problems in the near future, then you want to switch to a few hours of support per month. 1. The synchronization of ... >>>
06.05.2021 10:27
Refining the pizzeria site (Bitrix/Juery/Vue)Welcome. The site of the pizzeria needs to be improved. stack: 1. CMS Bitrix 2. JQuery / Vue 3. API (YooKassa, IIKO) 4. Git (Bitbucket) If y... >>>
06.05.2021 10:27
1C-Bitrix programmerIt is necessary to maintain the health of the site, to finish and redo existing processes, to re-create new ones, to optimize the speed of t... >>>
06.05.2021 10:27
Fixes in Bitrix catalog.elementGood afternoon.There is a site on the beatrix, there is a product card - catalog.element - on this page below are displayed 2 more companies... >>>
06.05.2021 10:21
refining the site on CMS BeatrixGood afternoon. You need to refine the site on Bitrix. TK in the app. If the work is done qualitatively and in time there will be more work.... >>>
05.05.2021 14:16
Joining epay v2 (YII2)You want to introduce online epay v2 payment into the current ticketing system.At the moment, the old version of epay v1 is connected.Leave ... >>>
05.05.2021 10:06
You need to spans goods and import into beatrixYou need to spar goods this part of the catalogAnd if possible to import into bitrix (In a... >>>
04.05.2021 20:49
Edits on BeatrixYou need to make edits to the Bitrix site.1.Introduce micro-grid2.OpenGraph to correct3.Correct purchase in 1 click4.Correct site adaptation... >>>
04.05.2021 12:01
Evaluation and planning of the sites translation from php 5.4 to php 7.xThere is a functioning on the php 5.4.31 site. The site has about 70 pages with interactive elements. The site works using yii2.It is necess... >>>
04.05.2021 12:00
Fix The Webasyst plug-in (ShopScript) - phpYou need to fix the custom plug-in, synchronizing prices, unloaded from 1C, with balances and prices on the site.... >>>
04.05.2021 11:56
Make a project on Laravel (API)Laravel VueJS ProjectWrite a backend for the finished front.The project already has a fake database with datasets for example, which should ... >>>
03.05.2021 19:18
Create a payment on the website of the online storeThe site is on Opencart. You need to set up the payment by clicking on the link on the stores website. The bill is billed after the manager ... >>>
03.05.2021 11:39
Need a programmer with knowledge of ocStoreUrgently need an experienced programmer to optimize the there the main problem now Nginx, can not get a response in time from the ... >>>
03.05.2021 11:26
Localization of the site in English (cybersecurity)It is required to translate several landings, personal cabinet, chain of emails, help in adapting advertising companies. Permanent cooperati... >>>
03.05.2021 11:21
On the site on WordPress to put payment TinkoffHello. You need to visit the site on Wardpress (landing) to connect the payment Tinkoff. Well have to start right away. In the applications,... >>>
03.05.2021 11:08
Specialist in YiiHello. You need to make a few edits in the site written on Yii (namely, to add the functionality of sending emails to the mail under certain... >>>
02.05.2021 15:59
Refine functionality (Yii)Hello. There is a valid site on Yii. You need to implement the functionality of sending emails after some user actions (left the application... >>>
02.05.2021 15:51