Refinement on WoocommerceYou need a web developer to refine the online store on WooCommerce, customize additional features of the site. Experience. Contract. We need... >>>
28.11.2020 00:31
Need to write a php scriptYou need to write a php script on api... >>>
27.11.2020 13:45
Posting messages on the forum searchengines.guruRequirements for the performer: Registration for at least six months. More than 50 posts on the forum. No negativity, spam or links. Neutral... >>>
26.11.2020 01:13
Need a database specialist in a projectYou do not need anything in the trailer only time and desire to work, you just use the site to check how it works if it bugs or not.... >>>
26.11.2020 01:12
Web developer 1C-BitrixAbout the company: Axiom is a team of professionals who develop websites and services outsourcing to large customers. It also creates high-q... >>>
26.11.2020 01:11
Create a questionnaire on the siteGood evening to all!There is a site on Wordpress.You need to add such a questionnaire to the site >>>
25.11.2020 21:40
Looking for a full stack developer on the projectProject: A medical information system that consists of several interconnected software systems that automate the collection, processing and ... >>>
25.11.2020 14:20
Need to make an api for the change imei for modem e3372hGood afternoon, I need to do api (php bash) for the imei shift. Implementation with at commands is appropriate. A patch for the modem too. T... >>>
25.11.2020 14:20
Доработка маркетплейса WordPress WooCommerce DokanThe marketplace needs to be refined. There are a lot of tasks. The work is supposed to be paid separately for each task or hourly payment (t... >>>
25.11.2020 14:20
Refinement and support of the site on BeatrixThere is a site on bitrix, aspro next. We need a specialist who has been doing support work on an ongoing basis: auditing, f... >>>
25.11.2020 14:20
Develop a redirect script on PHP (Laravel) MySLHow it works: By exit: url/client_id/patient_id The script does: 1) Redirect to a random link from the table redirect_urls 2) writes down re... >>>
25.11.2020 14:02
PHP ParserWe need a script and the result of the script recorded in mysql base. (Database - less than 2,000 entries)Script:1. We get "listing number,"... >>>
25.11.2020 13:41
Site on WardpressGood afternoonI have a website on the wardpress, and it needs to be doneThe main thing is that the programmer was adequate and responsibleEv... >>>
25.11.2020 13:39
Parser data in .xls tableYou need to write parsing data from one site to a table All the details in TK >>>
25.11.2020 13:39
Finish the site on WordPressThere is a website on WordPress: (which we want to get in the end): >>>
25.11.2020 13:36
Create and maintain an Instagram accountGood afternoon! We are the Phoenix Bureau of Arbitration Disputes In the fall, they created a website for bankruptcy of individuals - arbitr... >>>
24.11.2020 15:51
Developer Bitrix 24A specialist for a permanent job is required: Develop integrations with external systems (1C, messengers, telephony, etc.) Dealing with the ... >>>
24.11.2020 15:51
Site Moderator on WordpressLooking for a person in the team who will be engaged, filling and administering sites on wordpress. Obligatory Add text photos to the site ... >>>
22.11.2020 17:25
PHP developer (Beatrix)A small company specializing in complex, interesting projects is looking for a professional developer for both permanent and project employm... >>>
22.11.2020 17:05
Refinements for drupalWe need to get the side menu out. Drupal on the designer Need a man for permanent work on the drupal Write to LS!... >>>
22.11.2020 17:05