Finish blocks in modx by TKNeed to refine the site on modx technical task is available.... >>>
10.05.2021 16:28
SEO refinements on cs CartHello.You need to make improvements on the website of the online store on CMS CS Cart. 1. On the pages of the site to correct links with 301... >>>
10.05.2021 16:27
Two hosting sites required, mysql errorsGood afternoon. You need to move two sites to hosting to get started properly. - site on Yii Now... >>>
10.05.2021 16:26
Synchronizing goods in Bitrix24 with XML on PHPYou need to write a script on php that will sync the items in Bitrix24 according to the contents of the XML file. algorithm: 1. Count XML fi... >>>
10.05.2021 10:42
Refine the siteMake changes to the back and front of the project: refine the squeak function, add the function of uploading pictures.... >>>
08.05.2021 20:58
PHPHelp with writing the program. (Develop a script that changes a given line to another line in all the files in the directory and its sub-dir... >>>
08.05.2021 20:57
08.05.2021 10:25
Refining the finished wordpress moduletask We are MEASoft - automation of courier processes. We develop our software and integration modules to it. We are looking for a developer... >>>
08.05.2021 10:25
Connect the payment to the online cash register on LaravelHello. There is a valid online cash register written on Laravel (with it connected several online stores), you need to additionally connect ... >>>
08.05.2021 08:54
We need a translation from Russian to UkrainianWe need a translation from Russian to Ukrainian For attentive, before placing their application we write "ukr" and specify the price (must!)... >>>
07.05.2021 15:11
Paid advice on how to create a website is requiredPaid advice is required to create a website. Analogue We need help with the choice of technology and implementation. Help w... >>>
07.05.2021 11:08
Edits on the site opencard 31. Remove the error with the duplicate price in the product card, the price in the admin is only one, why duplicate is incomprehensible... >>>
07.05.2021 11:05
Retoucher for school albums.Looking for a retoucher and a builder in one person (photoshop) to create mock-ups of albums. Tasks: ... >>>
07.05.2021 09:52
To refine the portal on Laravel, the quality of the code is goodHello, looking for a Laravel developer.Who will be able to refine the portal and take it for support, service.Thank you, TK will send the ca... >>>
07.05.2021 09:47
ModX editsYou need to make edits on the site on modX, heres the site Details of the ladies in person, the price is discussed. ... >>>
06.05.2021 20:43
Develop a server part on LaravelThere is a mobile application on iOS, you need to develop a server part on LaravelLaravel experience from 1 yearIntroducing information abou... >>>
06.05.2021 20:41
Transfer goodsBring goods into my warehouseDame Price... >>>
06.05.2021 20:27
Correct the script (Telegram bot)Stripos doesnt work. There is a keyword for example: "Key", then in the TV bot come various messages and we need to skip only those that hav... >>>
06.05.2021 20:26
Programmer for opencartThere is a site on opencart, not finished, in the process of refinement. We need to start the project in a short time. There is a list of wo... >>>
06.05.2021 20:25
Install WordPress Site for BlogThe purchased domain is already parked on VPS Hosting. Next, you will need to install the WP theme Jnews under the blog and prepare a workin... >>>
06.05.2021 20:12