Symfony PHP Framework, Docker, Traefik, site scraping and excel, eCommerceYou need a full stack developer or programmer who wants to understand complex projects.... >>>
11.11.2020 19:59
PHP programmer for a project on the Yii2 frameworkLooking for a PHP programmer to work remotely, full or part time Responsibilities: 1. web application programming and support Requireme... >>>
11.11.2020 19:31
SEO. Register the meta description and meta titles of products in the online store. There are 400 products.Hello! Our online store needs to register a meta description and meta titles for SEO. Also, where it is absent, it is also desirable to writ... >>>
11.11.2020 19:30
Website development on BitrixWe are a website development company, we need a remote programmer on the Bitrix cms. We are ready to discuss cooperation with you in more d... >>>
11.11.2020 19:29
Fix redirect on the siteThere is a site on Wordpress industrial-mountaineering-in -... on the main page there are headings in the menu: Facade work, Cleaning work,... >>>
10.11.2020 17:46
making adjustments to the opencart websitemaking adjustments to the online store on opencart in accordance with the TOR.... >>>
10.11.2020 12:20
Bitrix programmerThe problem with the site, is very dull, slows down, everything opens for a long time, you need to set up SEO, what the hell is ... >>>
10.11.2020 12:05
Middle web developer with knowledge of 1C-Bitrix, MODxWe are now looking for a web developer to participate in website development projects. We are waiting for you! What to do: Integrate lay... >>>
09.11.2020 21:55
Update WordPress, clean it from virusesThere is a website on WordPress on a dedicated server, where malicious code is regularly inserted. Everything needs to be cleaned, updated (... >>>
09.11.2020 21:49
Looking for a developer who works with GetSimpleA developer who works with Getsimple is actually looking for, it is necessary to modify the site. Film For long-term cooperation.... >>>
09.11.2020 13:38
Recorder specialistSelf-writing specialist with good command of layout... >>>
09.11.2020 13:37
Google Merchant campaign creationCreation and maintenance of a campaign On the Merchant.... >>>
09.11.2020 11:30
Analyze and solve load problemswhat we have: hosting on account - 11 sites СMS: WP, MODx, Host CMS, OpenCart what we need to do: - to analyze site load on th... >>>
04.11.2020 20:33
Laravel developer at part time/full timeHello! We ( develop SaaS services, automation systems and other complex and interesting web technologies. Due to the increasing v... >>>
25.10.2020 11:35
Script to integrate XML API to phpYou need to develop a script that is on schedule/on demand: Listens to the FTP server, receives the XML file. Forms POST request XML API. Ba... >>>
25.10.2020 11:35
Fix information about the coming order in the Internet magaze OpencartOrders arrive without information about the product, address and payment is the second suchNeed a specialist who ... >>>
23.10.2020 15:24
programmer laravel, vueGood afternoon, we are a cleaning company, and now we need a part-time programmer for small and large improvements to our SRM system, and ot... >>>
23.10.2020 15:12
Set on LiqpayAll good times of day! The site need to tie the payment system Liqpay, as well as synchronize the field of pop-ups with CRM Bitrix... >>>
22.10.2020 11:04
Working on BeatrixGood hour, you need to make minor edit content to the site on Bitrix. There is a lot of work and it is regular. I put the first tasks in the... >>>
22.10.2020 10:35
Transfer the site to another domain, set up the work and mail domain.We need to move the site to another domain. Passwords and accesses from the old domain were lost, a new one was bought, and the site was tra... >>>
22.10.2020 10:34