Log in to your Wordpress accountMake sending one-time passwords to the mail instead of entering the password. Any plugin, paid ones will also work.... >>>
15.01.2023 17:48
Improve the site yii2A full stack developer is required to finalize the site (yii2, js, css, bootstrap4) of the product catalog according to the tk. https://docs... >>>
15.01.2023 17:48
Woocommerce record the cost of the order in the custom fieldThe price of the goods is indicated in dollars, and then the converter shows the client the price in the currency of his country I need to k... >>>
15.01.2023 17:47
Find and fix a bug in the AlfaStrakhovanie API integrationGood afternoon! There is a project to find the best insurance offers. We work with the API of some insurance companies, including AlfaStrakh... >>>
15.01.2023 17:46
Laravel work with the engineGood afternoon, I am looking for a programmer on laravel middle level The essence of the task: there is a ready-made back, you need to refin... >>>
14.01.2023 09:55
php programmerYou need a Php programmer to refine the site. You need to add buttons to your site to interact with the user.... >>>
13.01.2023 11:48
Optimize the code of the finished service on Laravel v8.12It is necessary to optimize the code, correct errors and add logic for the service for the analysis of search bots for SEO optimization of u... >>>
12.01.2023 17:32
Developing a narrative for a casual mobile gameOur company develops a casual mobile game (genre of core gameplay - puzzles). It is necessary to develop a narrative for meta-gameplay. At t... >>>
11.01.2023 20:58
Alogrhythm issuing codes for digisellerOn the plati market service, the user buys a gift code from me, there are different denominations of gift codes, after payment he will have ... >>>
11.01.2023 20:42
php-fpm falls, reveal the causeHello guys (and girls)!We have: 3 VPS with the same (synchronized) content and configured MariaDB Galera Cluster. Servers are located far fr... >>>
11.01.2023 15:09
PHP backendIt is necessary to finalize the application for ordering special equipment, i.e. on the basis of an existing application to make an applicat... >>>
11.01.2023 15:09
Finalization of the site on Bitrix (Bitrix)Good afternoon! It is necessary to improve the site on Bitrix (Bitrix). Please indicate in the response: - the city from which you work - ... >>>
11.01.2023 15:09
Connect the new version of the Ostrovok.ru API to the hotel booking siteIt is necessary to configure the version of the API to the site for booking hotels hotelsi.comA description of the API can be found here htt... >>>
11.01.2023 15:08
A lot of edits and improvements in the project on SymfonyThere is a project on Symfony. The project is quite simple – a catalog of specialists. A number of edits need to be made. Expect: 1. Are we... >>>
11.01.2023 15:07
It is necessary to finalize the site on LiveStreet CMSThere are several current tasks to fix errors and improve the functionality of the site. In the answer please write the word Live to separat... >>>
11.01.2023 15:07
Upgrade React from 16 to 18, connection of MUI widgets, layout by FigmaUpgrade React from 16 to 18, connection of MUI widgets, layout according to Figma layout.... >>>
10.01.2023 20:57
Write a script for displaying reports from a MYSQL databaseIt is necessary to write a php script that generates a report report for an arbitrary period, using a selection from certain fields of the d... >>>
10.01.2023 20:55
php programmer urgentlyneed php programmer urgently.revision of the site, TK attached.write in tg: https://t.me/Levi_Ezio... >>>
10.01.2023 20:55
Improve the bot in Bitrix24Needs to improve the bot in Bitrix24... >>>
10.01.2023 11:00
Finish writing a script in PHP and Laravel, October CMSYou need a specialist to finish an existing script in PHP that accesses the API of a third-party service. Script posted on October CMS panel... >>>
10.01.2023 10:59