On the site you need to change the picture of the gift and change the TV falloutWe have a website https://eurodopadel.es/opinion/we need to change the picture of the gift and change the name of the gift in the drop-out w... >>>
29.04.2021 20:59
Back-end PHPWe need a back-end programmer specializing in php (PHP, MySQL) Experience with 1C-Bitrix, desirable experience with various CMS Experience w... >>>
29.04.2021 12:07
Need a Frontend developerWe need a frontend developer on a permanent basis. Full TK is not made up, but the priority of what you need to attach. The price is negotia... >>>
29.04.2021 12:07
Refine the service on YiiRequires a developer familiar with Yii. You need to understand the project, understand what doesnt work in it and what it takes to fix bugs/... >>>
29.04.2021 10:18
Edits in opencartMake edits in opencartNot complicated, Im going to get a candidate to do.Possible long-term cooperation Payment by fact You make these 2 edi... >>>
29.04.2021 10:18
Programmer to refine functionality and support and internet store on Laravel vue jsFor an online platform for the sale of building materials to legal entities, it is necessary to refine and maintain the functionality of var... >>>
29.04.2021 10:10
Fixing bugs and optimizing the site on OpenCartGood time of day! Help is needed to fix bugs and optimize the current site on OpenCart Version The list of works can be viewed in th... >>>
29.04.2021 00:07
Connect the admin panel to the siteThe flow of customers money and their further distribution... >>>
28.04.2021 23:59
Refining the site on LaravelGood afternoon!You need to refine the site on Laravel.The site is a site such as a bulletin board - where users can register, place ads, iss... >>>
28.04.2021 21:00
Доработки сайта PrestashopThe site on Prestashop needs to be improvedThere are tasks on layout and programmingTK skin interestedFrom you the cost of an hours workLook... >>>
28.04.2021 21:00
Fix and refine the functionality of the website on WordpressYou need to fix and refine the functionality of the website on Wordpress (php, ajax, js, mysql) This requires a PHP specialist and web progr... >>>
28.04.2021 21:00
Make edits to the CRM codeYou want to make edits to the CRM code, as well as fix some bugs, to make it work. The knowledge of CakePHP is necessary.... >>>
28.04.2021 13:07
programmer. Remotely. 1-3 hours/day. Php, msql, javascript.Knowledge and experience: php, msql, javascript, wardpress, parsing data, working with databases. Payment: hourly, by agreement. Payouts: fr... >>>
28.04.2021 10:09
To refine the site on BeatrixHello, we need a Bitrix programmer.Improvements on TK need to be made.All the details to the performer.Pay hourly or puzzling for the result... >>>
28.04.2021 09:48
TK edits for Wordpress (WP) siteThere is A TK to refine the WP site. There is no access to the project on ssh, there is openshift... >>>
27.04.2021 20:56
Assemble an online payment module for cms DLE documentationThere is documentation on the payment.There are even ready-made modules for other engines (wp, django, bitrix, etc.).You either need to adap... >>>
27.04.2021 20:55
Small site edits on Wordpress1) The ticketing system "Tickets for YITH events for WooCommerce Premium" is built into the site Correct the ticket design curve when sendi... >>>
27.04.2021 20:30
Instagram filling an existing accounta young company needs advertising. With mutual understanding, long-term cooperation is possible. In the plans of cooperation it is possible ... >>>
27.04.2021 20:24
Bitrix: refining the online storeIt takes a Bitrix developer to an online store to work with the rules of dealing with a basket and gifts. Its a big enough module.Write the ... >>>
27.04.2021 20:21
Programmer 1C-BitrixWe are looking for constant cooperation. We need a specialist for constant work on small improvements to the current site, as well as for th... >>>
27.04.2021 20:19