Developer on a long project, Yii2Stack: Yii2, php, MySL, API, CSS, js. The project is six months as it works, there is one developer, but a lot of work, does not have time. ... >>>
17.11.2020 00:01
PHP-programmer/Web-development to (Bitrix)Moscow, M. Electrofactory Required work experience: 3-6 years Full-time, full-time employment Responsibilities: Development and refinement o... >>>
17.11.2020 00:00
FullStack is a developer for the project on opencart 3.There is a companys website for the wholesale sale of accessories for phones on openart 3.0, worth the template Unishop 2.0. You need to ref... >>>
17.11.2020 00:00
Developer 1C-BitrixWe are looking for a professional developer 1C-Bitrix and Bitrix24. Possible both permanent and project employment Responsibilities: Develop... >>>
17.11.2020 00:00
Importing goods to the online furniture store wordpressWanted: experts with experience in importing goods in wordpress The task: to export goods from the manufacturers website and import to our o... >>>
16.11.2020 14:20
Looking for a specialist in optimization and promotion of the site on the website... >>>
16.11.2020 14:14
Wordpress programmerOur team is engaged in the development of dating sites. We are currently expanding and we need a remote WordPress programmer. Mainly working... >>>
16.11.2020 13:04
Website creation.It is necessary to develop a website. The site will have 3,000 registered users. When registering, users will fill out certain forms (data... >>>
16.11.2020 13:03
Website technical supportColleagues, good afternoon! To work on several projects, a specialist is required for technical support of the site on an ongoing basis. B... >>>
12.11.2020 18:48
Web developer requiredRemote work requires a web developer with a good knowledge of PHP and MySQL, HTML, CSS, JScript and unix systems. Experience with such cms a... >>>
12.11.2020 18:47
Site support on Modx and BitrixPeriodic support of 2 sites of the restaurant and culinary studio is required. Working with code.... >>>
12.11.2020 18:46
Opencart programmer for permanent collaborationGood afternoon. In connection with recurring tasks for the company's online store running on Opencart 3.0, a programmer is required who: -... >>>
12.11.2020 18:45
Filling the online store on CS-CART Filling the online store of engineering equipment for heating, water supply and sewerage with goods. p r o f i m a n n. c o m. ua Photo... >>>
12.11.2020 18:25
Site managementThere is a site in shopscript You need to do some operations with it, one-time or regularly: - make a reviews section on the site, - ma... >>>
11.11.2020 22:28
Symfony PHP Framework, Docker, Traefik, site scraping and excel, eCommerceYou need a full stack developer or programmer who wants to understand complex projects.... >>>
11.11.2020 19:59
PHP programmer for a project on the Yii2 frameworkLooking for a PHP programmer to work remotely, full or part time Responsibilities: 1. web application programming and support Requireme... >>>
11.11.2020 19:31
SEO. Register the meta description and meta titles of products in the online store. There are 400 products.Hello! Our online store needs to register a meta description and meta titles for SEO. Also, where it is absent, it is also desirable to writ... >>>
11.11.2020 19:30
Website development on BitrixWe are a website development company, we need a remote programmer on the Bitrix cms. We are ready to discuss cooperation with you in more d... >>>
11.11.2020 19:29
Fix redirect on the siteThere is a site on Wordpress industrial-mountaineering-in -... on the main page there are headings in the menu: Facade work, Cleaning work,... >>>
10.11.2020 17:46
making adjustments to the opencart websitemaking adjustments to the online store on opencart in accordance with the TOR.... >>>
10.11.2020 12:20