Indexing a new site in Google and fixing SEO bugsYou want to fix these issues in a one-page site written on pure html, no CMS ... >>>
01.05.2021 20:59
Edits on modxImprovements to the site need to be implemented >>>
01.05.2021 20:58
It is necessary to make the H1-H6 filling in the product pages correctIm looking for an experienced frontend developer to edit the code - incorrectly filled the headlines at the commodity pages of the online st... >>>
01.05.2021 20:54
Joining epay v2 (YII2)You want to introduce online epay v2 payment into the current ticketing system.At the moment, the old version of epay v1 is connected.Leave ... >>>
01.05.2021 20:54
Beatrix Imports Of Goods to site / Payment by arrangementBitrix - Next Pattern Licensed Business 1C - Integrated Automation / on Rarus You need to set up the unloading of goods to the site of 1C at... >>>
01.05.2021 14:51
Looking for full-stack developer, modx, php, jquery, Vue.jsIt will be necessary to support the site and develop new directions. Stack modx, php, jquery, Vue.jsPayment is possibl... >>>
01.05.2021 11:39
Pay on WordPress TinkoffHello. There is a site on WordPress. We need to pay through Tinkoff.Were going to have to start right away. In the applications specify pric... >>>
01.05.2021 11:39
Fix bugs on the siteGood afternoon. The task is to make technical edits to the site The list of problems is a bad layout, seo errors, etc. TK is ... >>>
01.05.2021 11:33
Fix the work of the site - a web programmerRun tasks on the site: Refresh the banner, comb through forms - fix which dont work (there should be a notification to the mail) Upgrade WP ... >>>
01.05.2021 11:33
Strong Middle PHP Developer (Laravel)requirements: - Confident knowledge of PHP 5.6, PHP7. Work experience from 2 years. - Good knowledge of Laravel 58. Work experience from 2 y... >>>
01.05.2021 11:33
Implement submitting form from the siteThere is a site, implemented on CMS Webflow, through it now sent a form. The site we transfer to external hosting, respec... >>>
01.05.2021 11:31
Site supportTo support the site requires a specialist on the beatrix. The site is engaged in the placement of real estate. Volume - 20h per month (minim... >>>
30.04.2021 11:00
Refinements of the site on BitrixWe need to refine some of the tasks on Beatrixabout 10-15 tasksIll send TK to those interestedIm looking for a performer.Companies and manag... >>>
30.04.2021 10:58
Make api integration using the Alean APIYou need to integrate api using the Alean API.The task is the module integration of two different systems by api.Api documentation is availa... >>>
30.04.2021 10:58
Refine the site on wpWordpress website woocommerce wcfmExamples of methods on the merchanditSupergoom.comWe need to screw this up.Payment module api soap on the ... >>>
30.04.2021 10:56
Expand the project on the server (web game)Good afternoon.We need an admin to help deploy the project on a newly leased server. Heres a project (blockchain game) : http://crash.hotbit... >>>
30.04.2021 10:56
Edits on the siteNeed someone who knows json and scripts site only 2 pages need to be edited1. banera2. menu3. links 4 text (three lines)Offer price and timi... >>>
30.04.2021 07:58
Correct the DLE patternCorrect the DLE online store template1. Set up the filter2. Set up news output and adaptability3. Set up a watermark in picturesWhere possib... >>>
30.04.2021 07:57
Completion of the Laravel PHP projectHello everyone, the project that will need to work is a betting platform that was written more than 3 years ago on laravel php. Looking for ... >>>
29.04.2021 21:00
Processing incoming post-backs to the web analytics service keitaro.ioDano:Processing incoming post-backs to the web analytics service keitaro.ioKeitaro gets a postback in the format (post-back) but lacks impor... >>>
29.04.2021 20:59