Filling the Magento storeGood afternoon! You need a content manager to add electronics to the store. What you need to fill out: - Name (issued) - Article (issued) - ... >>>
27.04.2021 20:19
You need to solve the problem with unloading orders for the site 1C-Bitrix: Site management. business. Aspro:N1C-Bitrix: Site Management 20.200.900 License: Business Master of the creation of the online store "Aspro:Next - online store" version 1.8.2... >>>
27.04.2021 20:15
Bitrix24 (Box) - to refine the script for the service station. PHP, JSHello, looking for a developer under Bitrix24 (Box).You need the knowledge of Bitrix24, PHP, JS and everything that is necessary to implemen... >>>
27.04.2021 20:10
Requires WP developer to refine current multilingual siteA WP developer is required to refine the current multilingual site. You need good backending.... >>>
27.04.2021 19:34
Laravel: API transfer to Shiptor CheckoutProject on Laravel 7.30 You need to set up integration with Shiptor Checkout: 1. Transfer Orders from our website to Shiptor Checkout 2. Tra... >>>
27.04.2021 09:05
Correcting and editing the site on joomlaYou need to remove the repetitive blocks of the menu and generally make a little adjustments on the layout.... >>>
26.04.2021 20:52
Refine the site on SmartyDetails to candidates, leave TELEGRAM... >>>
26.04.2021 20:49
WebsiteHello! You need an experienced maker or a team of web programmers to create a shoe store! I have my own Instagram account selling shoes and ... >>>
26.04.2021 14:29
Site on WordpressGood afternoon. namely:bringing to mind namely making the integration of the API it tour Make a handy filter for selecting tour packagesApi ... >>>
26.04.2021 14:29
Cure the site on WP from viruses and pour it on hostingCure the site on WP from viruses and pour it on hosting. The site has become infected with some file that self-unpacks and creates pages. 1.... >>>
26.04.2021 09:49
Bitrix 24 programmer, refine the module (script) for the service stationHello, Im looking for Bitrix 24 programmer at Our Box.The module (script) for the Auto Service needs to be refined.TK is there, Ill send the... >>>
26.04.2021 09:47
BUS - Bitrix Programmer - Site RefinementHello, in search of Bus - Bitrix programmer to refine the siteTK is there, Ill send the candidateBudget and timing are under discussion.Leav... >>>
26.04.2021 09:47
To refine the site on WardpressImprovements on the mobile version, refinement of the rating, form and search on the site. A lot of improvements.... >>>
25.04.2021 20:50
Site refinements / monthly serviceHello.The address of the site will be marked in questions to the project.It is necessary to refine the site in the first stage: Integrating ... >>>
25.04.2021 20:49
Wordpress DeveloperGood afternoon, looking for a developer who will help in the finish of the project. There will be a lot of small and large tasks.WP engine, ... >>>
25.04.2021 17:50
To refine the 1s-bitrix ordering componentThere is a custom component sale.order.ajax The catalog is arranged in such a way that the old price is written not in the default plate dat... >>>
25.04.2021 17:05
To refine the financial program (PHP JS)Good afternoon. There is a program to calculate credits for several yurts. Persons.The stack used:— PHP 5.6— MySQL— Apache nginx- docker-com... >>>
25.04.2021 17:04
Fix the bug in the project on LaravelSometimes the project on Laravel hangs for more than a minute, you need to understand why and solve the problem... >>>
25.04.2021 16:45
A template needs to be reworked at CMS DLEYou need to work the site on the basis of the DLE control system. Interested performers with experience in this CMS. TK will be provided to ... >>>
25.04.2021 16:31
Payment plug-in fondy for PayplansWe need to develop a payment plug-in for the Joomla 3 Payplans component payment system It is necessary to implement payme... >>>
24.04.2021 21:26