OPENCART - Jet CACHE module (caching)The JET CACHE module is installed on the Opencart engines website. This is a page caching module.The page is only a couple of minutes in the... >>>
21.10.2020 10:45
Looking for a contextual advertising specialistMake an audit of the advertising cabinet, create a solution that you need to correct what does not work optimally, determine the plan of act... >>>
20.10.2020 13:53
CS Cart edits1.We have a problem with xml unloading, the partner does not unload new positions, they are on our site, but they are not unloaded.2. Is it ... >>>
20.10.2020 13:53
Edits/refinements of the site on LaravelThere is a site on laravel. We need to get better, make improvements to the hair. I will provide all the details to the interested candidate... >>>
20.10.2020 13:53
Wordpress fix bug encoding on siteIt is manifested for all un illogical users, has a floating character. The problem with coding is confirmed by the validator https://... >>>
20.10.2020 13:52
Improvements on bitrixYou need to perform a few improvements on the site bitrix on TK. An experienced specialist will quickly understand, if all the problems will... >>>
20.10.2020 13:52
Refining the site on 1C-BitrixIt is necessary to make a number of edits (both on layout, and on the backend) on the store on the beatrix. Correct the layout of the produc... >>>
20.10.2020 11:10
Спеціаліст PHP/WordpressIts good:1. Ndalashtuvati2. Ndalashtuati is a new post-post (including caste post-typips). cant be done with a single-fold rosil.3. Create a... >>>
20.10.2020 11:10
Keeping the site page in docThere is a self-made site on js and a server on php. Issues output forms in frame, on request. Has the ability to save in xls, implemented o... >>>
20.10.2020 10:56
Liqpays two-stage paymentThere is an online store connected to pay for the lykpesbut you need to set up a two-stage payment (when... >>>
19.10.2020 13:33
Refining the site on yii2 vueSite written on yii2 bek vue front nuxtWe need to refine the menu card.Add a button to buy a pop-up if there are sizes.There will be even bi... >>>
19.10.2020 13:29
Deals from the site on laravel via RestAPI in Bitrix24You need to import trigger deals from the site to the laravel in cloud beatrix24. They write that in this process it is desirable not to use... >>>
19.10.2020 11:00
Installing XML/YML on Rozetka for Opencart 2.3I am looking for a specialist with experience with marketplaces and Opencart to consult and further resolve the issue of installing and sett... >>>
19.10.2020 10:39
Optimize and customize ads in Google AdsWe are looking for a specialist to customize and maintain contextual advertising in Google Ads. The goal is to increase the number of conver... >>>
17.10.2020 21:17
Woocommerce basket refinement errorEditTheres a bug in the shopping cart Problem 1 canceled, problem solved... >>>
17.10.2020 20:49
Urgent! Lock from Roskom by domain name. Need helpRoskom blocked the site most likely by the domain, when changing ai pi on the site is enough for 30 minutes, ie block the operators domain o... >>>
17.10.2020 19:50
Find and fix a vulnerability in user registration on the siteContinuously on the site registered a lot of spam users The site installed the captcha of t... >>>
17.10.2020 09:32
Refining the sites layout on LaravelThere is a site on laravel. We need to get better, make improvements to the hair. I will provide all the details to the interested candidate... >>>
16.10.2020 23:16
You need to create an online store on woocommerce or prestashop.We need a lot of sites to work so not to sit on just one platform and depend on it. We want to have different sites on both online platforms... >>>
16.10.2020 12:13
Technical optimization of the site (self-described)Need to the site - technical edits from a SEO specialist, an example of edits:1. Make 301 on https2. Natsre on every ... >>>
16.10.2020 09:55