Script-plugin for recycle pot wordpressOnline shop on word press. the store sells words (the letters gabions from which the words are made) and numbers Task - in a special window ... >>>
11.06.2022 20:06
Improvement of the functionality of the site dialogs on WP. Only for experienced developers!There is a site for finding performers, in which customers place their orders, and performers respond to them in the form of dialogues. Depe... >>>
11.06.2022 20:05
Make edits to the site on opencart 3Site on Open Cart 3. It is necessary to make amendments in accordance with the TK: >>>
11.06.2022 20:04
Change the logic of the graph according to the script - js phpThere is an Educational site for teaching trading mechanismsThere is a graph on js, has a file of settings and... >>>
11.06.2022 20:02
Implement dynamic price recalculation in Woocommerce catalog filterIt is necessary to implement in the woocommerce filter a dynamic recalculation of prices in the product catalog, i.e. so that when choosing ... >>>
11.06.2022 20:01
Fix Opencard Module 3Good afternoon!There is a website on opencart 3.When exchanging with 1c, the prices of options and goods are not set.Moreover, prices fall i... >>>
11.06.2022 20:01
Recover wordpress admin passwordSome kind of anomaly. Neither method works. I will provide access to hosting.... >>>
11.06.2022 20:00
Editing and revision of sites on laravelThere is a task to finalize the existing site, the cost to estimate in advance its hard enough. Because it takes several hours to understand... >>>
10.06.2022 21:17
Develop a warehouse (accounting/consumption of goods) on Yii2It is necessary to develop a warehouse. Specificity: • Creation of nomenclature groups • Adding a product • Ability to conduct an inventory ... >>>
10.06.2022 18:36
Setting up sending SMS messages to Ru in Bitrix 24Hello. It is necessary to configure sending SMS messages to your number (not the client) through the robot. SMS ru is configured, letters of... >>>
10.06.2022 18:35
Rewrite two controllers from Laravel in pure PHPThere is a project on Laravel Uses MySQL, Redis Launched via Laravel Sail You need to run the project and rewrite two simple controllers tha... >>>
10.06.2022 18:34
Help with Wordpress WooCommerceThere is a ready-made store on Wordpress WooCommerce with a fable template. Due to the incompatibility of the components, the site (frontend... >>>
10.06.2022 18:34
Improve the siteFinalize a simple site over the weekend. 10 taskes, nothing particularly complicated. In the future, refinement of the design.... >>>
10.06.2022 18:34
Modification of the site on JoomlaWe create a service for booking hotels and apartments. Now the template of such a service (created on CMS Joomla) deployed on t... >>>
10.06.2022 14:42
Refinement of the API on LumenThere is an API of the online store application. Several suppliers have updated the format of the data that we take, it is necessary to adap... >>>
10.06.2022 12:56
Modification of modx evoThere are small improvements to modx evo1. Finalize the output ditto snippet2. Fix another runditto... >>>
10.06.2022 12:55
Revision of the Wordpress siteIt is necessary to make minor edits on various sites based on Wordpress, write experience, portfolio, cost per hour of work.... >>>
10.06.2022 07:20
Change registration type from sms to call backCSM BitrixIt is required to change the following in the existing registration/authorization form:1. When registering at the moment, send an ... >>>
09.06.2022 20:19
Find requests for data from the site (parser)Hello, there is not enough knowledge to implement the task, I have a fairly simple algorithm to work on a third-party site, it is necessary ... >>>
09.06.2022 20:17
Refine the online store on LaravelProject link: Briefly about the project: Service center and at the same time a store of spare parts for household applian... >>>
09.06.2022 20:16