Modification of the formHello!You need to refine the date sampling form to display the charts. Ill send the details to the person.... >>>
02.01.2023 16:08
Modification of the multi-vendor marketplace p2p CodeIgniter1. Frontent on the bootstrap, it is necessary to redo it for a react (there is layout), it is necessary to put on the engine and connect the... >>>
02.01.2023 15:53
Launch a landing page on shopifyConfigure the storage of email data and site address that users leave in the formdesign (need to be made up) >>>
01.01.2023 15:16
Improve the site / php, yii2, jsIt is necessary to finalize the front-end (js, css) and backend (yii, bootstrap4) of the site of the catalog of goods from different sources... >>>
01.01.2023 15:16
Amazon AWS SES pay and link my domainsI need to pay and link my domains. fully do everything, because from Russia no longer gives anything... >>>
30.12.2022 19:51
Make edits to wpThe site is implemented using WP bakery, you need to make a few small edits... >>>
29.12.2022 17:09
Sending dataYou need to find a solution to send data somewhere. It is not very convenient to send e-mail, it would be more convenient to receive this da... >>>
29.12.2022 12:10
Refactoring the WhatsApp Business API chatbot script (PHP Laravel)The script automates the sending of notifications to customers of the beauty salon via WhatsApp Business.The basic logic is as follows:Webho... >>>
29.12.2022 12:08
Finalization of the mobile application on Swift iOSSwift application with UIKitOne scene needs to be redoneDesign is in FigmaThere is a ready-made API for changesWe are waiting for proposals,... >>>
29.12.2022 12:07
Improvements on Joomla1 On the mobile version and on the flatplate, the bread crumbs are corrected more compactly to make2 Allow endless loading of goods, it does... >>>
28.12.2022 19:27
Develop a module for Joomla4 by example, urgentlyDevelop a module for Joomla4 by example, urgently!Work is required to start immediately today and every 2-3 hours to update the progress on ... >>>
28.12.2022 18:52
Solution of bugs and revision on Laravel1. The question of displaying / not displaying the goods on the site. There is an option to display/ not to display, but in fact it is alway... >>>
28.12.2022 18:51
Parser php airport schedule and output on WP websiteYou need a parser in php that every 5 minutes will record data in the database of the site, with an online scoreboard >>>
28.12.2022 18:49
Understand the code and try the Bitrix scriptThere is a self-written script for importing data from the excel file into the catalog and properties of the Bitrix product.It is necessary ... >>>
28.12.2022 18:48
Development of plugins and | functions SymphonyHello, I am looking for a person to work on the project on Symphony. Long-term cooperation with payment by tasks or hours (by agreement). Re... >>>
27.12.2022 16:38
Finalize the site on wordpress (front back). Great project!On a large info site about games / sports (recently launched from scratch, the future leader of the subject) you need: 1. Refine the site o... >>>
27.12.2022 16:38
Easy database installation and configurationThere is a computer on which the simplest software is installed, which enters data into the database. It is necessary: 1 Install and config... >>>
27.12.2022 16:37
Set up sending from a Wordpress sites domainmailGood afternoon!It is necessary to help with the refinement of the script for sending letters with attachments. Emails should be sent from th... >>>
27.12.2022 16:29
Finalization of the functionality of the online catalog of prefabricated spare parts laravel, vueit is necessary to refine the functionality of the online catalog of prefabricated goods, make a visual construct of goods, change the desig... >>>
27.12.2022 16:28
Installation and configuration of the script on the serverNginxBeck script laravelpriority is the one who had experience with gamblingwho did not work with the frame please do not disturb. all quest... >>>
27.12.2022 16:27