You need to set up unloading to Yandex market from the online storeYou need to set up an unloading to Yandex market from the online store. We work for WordPress.... >>>
25.05.2021 11:15
Bitrix developerIt takes a bitrix developer to constantly refine and modernize the site. The site is built on the Aspro template. Payment 1000 - 1500 rubles... >>>
25.05.2021 11:04
Work on a bot that produces cryptocurrency signalsWork on a bot that produces signals of cryptocurrencies based on the information of cryptocurrency exchanges. People who specialize in progr... >>>
25.05.2021 11:04
Site refinements (Frontend and Backend)The site is written on PHP juery.Frontend challenge: You need to make visual edits in several blocks of the site. Backend challenge: You wil... >>>
24.05.2021 20:15
Specialist on a permanent basis opencartConstant store support... >>>
24.05.2021 10:36
Support site on wardpressWe need a developer to accompany the site to the wardpress. a constant volume of tasks.In the first step, you need to finish the plug-in pay... >>>
23.05.2021 12:59
Site edits on website Need: edits, refinements, accompaniment Work mode: the task is to perform in time for "how it will turn out" Long-term w... >>>
23.05.2021 12:53
Clean the server from virusesHello! Need to clean the server from virus sites on Word press... >>>
23.05.2021 12:52
Supplement the Laravel-based framework with the introduction of the inf with the Wildberries APIThere is a small system of authorization of usele based on Laravel (registration, authorization and cabinet) The task of Users is to create ... >>>
23.05.2021 00:43
Looking for PHP developer on Laravel VueThe developer is looking for a full time or part time of at least 50% to support an existing product and develop a new one. The work is remo... >>>
23.05.2021 00:43
Create a data report from Wildberries and Ozon on the API in EXCEL or a simple programYou want to get product data (remnants by day) at our Wildberries and Ozon API stores and form them into the required form reports. Knowing ... >>>
21.05.2021 13:31
Edits and refinements of the site on BitrixThere is a site on Bitrix Small Business, quite unconventional (exchange with 1C runs through the intermediate base of the SL). It requires ... >>>
21.05.2021 01:24
Refinement on woocommerce- The site has started to work slowly on the design page and when authorizing, you need to find the cause and fix. - Crookedly displays good... >>>
20.05.2021 11:08
Refining the site on yii2You need to make a number of improvements and correct the sites errors on yii2... >>>
20.05.2021 11:07
Connect an online store with filters to BitrixThere is a website cupedoors dot ru, it has sections with goods - Cabinets coupe and door coupe Now theres all the manual mode. You need to ... >>>
20.05.2021 10:15
Introduce Boxbury delivery module and set up SDEK on ModXHello! On our website, we need to add a Boxbury delivery module and set up a SDEC. The site is made on ModX. In addition, you need to add a ... >>>
20.05.2021 10:15
Highlighting an object in a photo, copying a dedicated object to a new layerYou need a person who can direct lasso or other, convenient to him, a way to highlight the object in the photo, copy the object to a new lay... >>>
20.05.2021 10:15
Refinement of the Bitrix24 portalWe bought a product: 1C-Bitrix: Corporate portal 20,700.0 We are looking for someone who will be able to help us with this task and in the f... >>>
20.05.2021 10:15
Symphonygood time of day. you need a good symphony specialist to implement tasks. I will provide all the necessary information personally!!! just of... >>>
20.05.2021 10:15
Check and rewrite the API of payment gateways.Hello. My site is on PHP. (Payment wallet script) You need to check and rewrite the wallets website in some payment systems of payment gatew... >>>
20.05.2021 10:15