Finish the site on Beatrix 24We are looking for a responsible executor for our website. Its hard to tell what stage hes in now. Many of the necessary modules have been b... >>>
20.05.2021 10:15
Connect the domain to tilda (now on to prescribe new pages of gratitude to all forms.1. There is a domain on We need to move it to tilda. 2. In the tilt of 5 landing pages - you need to prescribe new addresses of the ... >>>
19.05.2021 14:21
Fix the site at Ward PressUpdate the ward-press, adjust the design (buttons-inscriptions moved out), check the counters, connect new. Based on the results of the work... >>>
19.05.2021 14:21
Get a response code from 200 million domainsThere is a list of 250 million domains. It is necessary to receive a response code from these sites and make a record in the database. It is... >>>
19.05.2021 11:12
Small edits on the Beatrix siteGood afternoon!Given: site-shop on bitrix (business). the latest version.You have to do:1) The problem with the search line.The site has spe... >>>
19.05.2021 10:59
Help with site code correspondence (PHP7, Laravel)You need an assistant to rewrite the code from the old self-write engine (old versions of php, base on mysql) to the new (... >>>
17.05.2021 23:40
Magento 2 backend DeveloperTasks: - Develop the official online store Togas Participation in the development of new sites and services - Development of new modules for... >>>
17.05.2021 23:40
Developer OctoberCMSWe develop and maintain our own OctoberCMS-based sites to automate the sales department in the printing press. To strengthen the team, we ar... >>>
17.05.2021 18:20
Refining your personal officeStack php, framework ideally laravelThe cabinet with 3 levels of access needs to be finalizedCompaniesPrivate individualsAdministratorCompan... >>>
17.05.2021 18:01
We need to fix the UMI images. CMSGood evening!You need to fix the display of images in the previews in the catalog.Now, when you upload any picture, you see a stub.... >>>
17.05.2021 17:04
Opencart 3 programmerGood afternoon. Requires a programmer to solve a problem with the site on OpencartRetailCRM module issues error and items not unloaded in CR... >>>
17.05.2021 16:49
Edited on OpencartMade a new category, downloaded the product, as a result, you can not go to the siteHTTP ERROR 500www.narajana.lvIt is urgent to be done(als... >>>
17.05.2021 16:49
Fix the payment in the Sberbank plug-in on CMS CS-CARTThe module (downloaded the latest version) for online payment of the savings bank in the check does not cling to the name of the product fro... >>>
17.05.2021 11:41
Joining epay v2 (YII2)You want to introduce online epay v2 payment into the current ticketing system.At the moment, the old version of epay v1 is connected.Leave ... >>>
17.05.2021 11:36
Make improvements to the site on Yii2Make a block of refinements on the site implemented on Yii2. The exact cost is discussed after familiarization with TK (send to interested).... >>>
16.05.2021 13:14
Update the site on opencart to the new version of CMS. To refine the site on ts.You need to update the site on opencart to the new version of CMS. To refine the site on ts. Set up analytics. All the details in the corres... >>>
16.05.2021 13:09
Editor at the online store of sleep goodsLooking for a full-time editor in the office in an online store of sleeping furniture and accessories for sleep. WHAT TO DO - write texts fo... >>>
16.05.2021 12:10
2 improvements on the Opencart websiteHello 2 improvements required on the opencard site Telegram communication... >>>
15.05.2021 23:59
MODX. Transfer xml base to the directory of the finished siteThere is a developed site of the dealership. The program is minimal: you need to download the catalog through the xml file (the warehouse is... >>>
14.05.2021 13:01
Administrator Beatrixduties: - Administering bitrix (unloading goods, prices and balances in the online store from suppliers setting modules integration with oth... >>>
14.05.2021 13:00