To alter a component for CMS JoomlaRequires modifications or equivalent with additional functionality, the exchange of gifts "Gift Exch... >>>
Need programmer that knows webasyst shop-script 309.Dear freelancers! Have a website A few problems: 1. When you log on to the websit... >>>
App for social network Vkontakte on an IFrame or Flash.App for social network Vkontakte on an IFrame or Flash. TK send after the interview on Skype Post-pa... >>>
You need to create a script write to a text documentWhen in 2007 I created a script write to a file , now it does not work. Now need a new script to per... >>>
To create an Interface with the database- Amer. the system of rationing time of repair (replacement) of spare parts ALLDATA ( - we need th... >>>
Need coding and programmingThere is a design of a real estate project – the main and mobile versions. Need coding and programmi... >>>
the creation of the exchange website construction servicesTask: - to create a website for the exchange of construction services that will sustain a minimum of... >>>
Rapid testing mobile application on AndroidNeed to test a mobile application in Chinese smartphones. Who has the SMARTPHONE company Huawei, Coo... >>>
To get links to the accounts of visitors to my websiteyou Need to make a script that will allow you to find links on the page or the id of the visitors of... >>>
Completion of a major project on CMS 1C-BitrixNeed to finalize a major project and engage their support. Expected of You: 1) Major projects (with ... >>>
Customize joomla template,modules,componentsskills in php,ja,ajax, at your prices?... >>>
You need to set the operation command through gityou Need to configure the team using git, i.e. there's a server and a command which does not wo... >>>
Development of parsers for the website "apartments for rent"Read carefully the detailed description below! Requires the development of parsers for the site rent... >>>
Writing the script on the PBX Oktell – routing the entrance and exto Write a script on the PBX Oktell – routing inbound and outbound. TK will send.... >>>
To copy data movies IMDbyou Must save data on all movies IMDb. Here IPA to work Is this possible? How long will it take? ... >>>
Client baseLooking for someone to create a configuration or template, and calculations in the program's Cl... >>>
Specialist Google Table ( are reporting, payment accounting, the current data in Google Spreadsheets Need someone who is we... >>>
Forwarding E-Mailto Make a text message with e-mail on your phone by whatsapp. Questions. Price. Term.... >>>
Revision Iframe application in vkNeed to finalize the app for Vkontakte, only software, not a lot of work, the payment for the entire... >>>
Regular assistance in programming (PHP, js, server)On Skype, about an hour a day. 1000rub./hour.... >>>